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Created: September 18, 2014


We are looking for a Java software engineer to join our team in building great and fantastic online references for our wide array of publishing clients.  The websites that we build and support (such as The Oxford English Dictionary and Harvard's Loeb Classics Library) are in wide and popular use amongst universities, libraries and other academic institutions; and we take pride in bringing some of the most venerable sources of classic reference data into a modern world of online search and responsive design.

In this role, you will work with client teams that collaborate hand-in-hand with our publishing customers to bring the entirety of their knowledge catalogs into the hands of scholars, students and fellow lovers of knowledge.  You will gain valuable client experience, as well as enjoy the pleasure of working with a set of colleagues that believe deeply in the lifelong importance of education and learning.

Our development stack is Java, Tomcat, MySQL and Solr\Marklogic.  We ask that applicants have a good foundation of Java development skills and experience in developing database-driven web applications.  We have a passion for automated testing and code quality, and expect our colleagues to have similarly high standards of their work.  We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into the developer profession, and advocate strongly for hiring the right person as opposed to the right combination of tech keywords.

The bulk of the Client Services team is based in Boston, but we support remote employees and welcome interest from any US resident.  The women and men of Client Services love working here just as much for their company of their fellow colleagues as well as the opportunity to build and improve upon some of the most prestigious encyclopedias and reference collections that exist today.

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Published: Thursday, September 18, 2014 17:16 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:43 UTC