Community Programs Administrator for Library Technology Innovation

San Jose
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Created: September 15, 2014


The San Jose Public Library is excited to announce recruitment for a new position: Community Programs Administrator for Library Technology Innovation.  Under the supervision of the Division Manager for Technology and Innovation, the position works closely with Library staff in Information Technology, Instruction Programming Services, Strategic Development, King Library and Branch Libraries operations in the San José Public Library System.  This position will analyze new trends in technology and consider library applications, service models, partnerships and opportunities.

This position will provide collaborative oversight, project management, and participation for the Library’s customer-focused projects and initiatives that involve public access to technology, hands-on technology learning, public access to digital resources, and development of public facing and operational enhancements involving Library technology.

This position will convene or serve on initiative teams involving library staff, partners, and volunteers to launch technology and innovation pilots, evaluate results, make recommendations and oversee implementation for system-wide up-scaling of successful service models. In collaboration with initiative teams, guide staff with emphasis on creativity, innovation, and incorporating and defining best practices to position San José Public Library as a forerunner in technology-enhanced Library services.

This position will facilitate and organize an innovation culture based on design thinking; Serve as a bridge between teams across the organization to align initiatives with strategic technology access priorities; Serve as a bridge between teams and Administration, Information Technology and other resources necessary for successful technology innovation; Evaluate and analyze pilots and experiments, to learn from failures and build upon success.  This position will communicate results internally with Library staff and collaborate with Library Marketing to share achievements and aspirations with the public, potential talent, and resource partners outside the organization.

The ideal candidate will: have current knowledge of new technology applications in libraries and in the marketplace at large; have knowledge of maker technologies, including digital media creation, editing, equipment and software; and lead staff through development of technology-enhanced service models.

Salary Range for Community Program Administrator is $78,270.40 - $95,347.20 annually

Full position description and application instructions can be found here:

Applications will be accepted until the closing date of 9/30 at 11:59 PM.

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