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Created: August 29, 2014


The Metadata Analyst is responsible for the integrity of bibliographic data and business rules for content in the client database.

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

1. Bibliographic and business rule metadata: Responsible for preparing metadata for titles to be submitted to the client database. Preparation tasks include:

a. performing queries in a bibliographic source database to obtain metadata b. integrating publisher-provided metadata with metadata from other sources c. normalizing data to meet the company’s metadata standards d. proofreading metadata for typographical errors e. compiling business rule metadata to support client’s business models

2. Metadata maintenance: responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete database of pre-submission metadata.

3. Quality control: The metadata analyst performs periodic reviews of metadata in the production database to ensure the data is accurate and is normalized to the client’s standards.

4. Recordkeeping: Content processing requires a large amount of recordkeeping that must be performed accurately and in a timely manner. Types of recordkeeping include documenting errors found in incoming metadata, notifying appropriate parties when classification is complete, and creating other documentation to support the client’s content policies.

5. Effective Participation on the client Team: This position is responsible for contributing to the company’s overall success by communicating effectively and appropriately with members of the content team about insights into the cataloging process and overall content operations. This position effectively and efficiently contributes information and opinions to assist the content operations group and other divisions in making decisions affecting the company. Effective participation on the client’sTeam includes:

a. Recommending effective cataloging and data handling strategies, and explaining (in writing, upon request) the reasoning behind such strategies; b. Working collaboratively with other departments to develop effective company strategies; c. Contributing toward the development of solutions for problems identified by the content operations group and the client Team; d. Taking responsibility for performing tasks that do not clearly fall within any other employee’s job duties, and that are closely related to this position’s job duties or that will contribute toward the success of the content team.

6. This position is responsible for communicating effectively and appropriately with the production manager, to ensure that the department’s efforts and strategies can be effectively monitored and communicated across divisions. This includes:

a. Informing manager of workflow related issues and necessary improvements; b. Keeping comprehensive notes and updated information about each content project in FileMaker, so that the production supervisor can use FileMaker as a tool to monitor and understand the status incoming titles on a daily basis; c. Communicating frequently in a clear and concise manner with your direct manager about content quality issues.

7. Exercise of Sound Judgment and Discretion: This position requires working independently without substantial direct supervision. This position requires the exercise of a high level of sound judgment, discretion, and self-direction in determining how best to manage one’s own time and activities and contribute to the company’s overall success, particularly its success in meeting content quality standards and adding titles to the client’s database in a timely manner.

8. Professional Integrity: This position contributes toward maintaining a high standard of professional conduct throughout the company, including understanding and abiding by applicable laws and company policies and obligations. This position promptly notifies Legal or other responsible Team members if unlawful or questionable actions are encountered or suspected, whether by employees or by any others with whom the company does business. This position seeks guidance from Legal or other responsible Team members if unsure how to respond to unfamiliar or challenging situations.

9. Flexibility: The department director may modify the job duties for this position from time to time, but will consult with the employee in this position about the changes and provide a written update upon request.


• Bachelors’ degree. • Knowledgeable of bibliographic metadata standards or aspects of electronic resource management. • Experience working with library industry and other databases and ability to deftly enter and manipulate data within them. • Excellent researching and problem solving skills, including the ability to analyze, compare, evaluate, reconcile and order data. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products; strong skills in Excel a must. • Capacity to learn and master new technology.

Ancillary Qualifications: Qualifications listed below, while not necessarily a requirement for this position in each circumstance, provide additional depth and value to the role.

• Master’s degree from an ALA-accredited library program. • Fluency in languages other than English.

Other important information about this position: • This position requires weekday (Monday - Friday) attendance with some scheduling flexibility available around core working hours. • Every position requires certain physical capabilities. Client seeks to make reasonable accommodations that enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential duties when possible.


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