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Created: July 31, 2012


  The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media is looking for a junior PHP developer (contract, preferably local/onsite) to join our innovative and energetic team in working on Omeka <omeka.org>, our FOSS Zend-based content management system and web publishing platform for cultural heritage materials.  You can see the code at <https://github.com/omeka/Omeka>.

    Proficiency in PHP (1-2 experience years)
    Proficiency in Javascript (1-2 years experience)
    Strong Object-Oriented programming skills
    Familiarity with the MVC design pattern
    Familiarity with Zend Framework
    Excellent communication skills with others at all levels of programming skill
    Ability to balance competing needs and priorities in designing code
    Creativity in problem-solving, and openness to experimenting with unfamiliar approaches

    Experience working on open source software projects
    Familiarity with HTML5, CSS3, and graphic design principles
    Experience with Amazon Web Services and other cloud services
    Experience with github
    Experience with PHPUnit testing framework
    Background or experience in the Humanities

With guidance from our Lead Developer and Omeka Dev Team Manager, and in collaboration with other developers and members of CHNM, the new team member will work primarily on various aspects of our Omeka content management system.

    Resolve issues in the core Omeka core
    Develop and maintain Omeka plugins and themes
    Build and customize new sites with Omeka
    Help to design and implement future versions of the core Omeka codebase Contribute to other ad-hoc projects within the CHNM ecosystem.

CHNM is the leading producer of open source tools for humanists and of award-winning history content on the Web (for example: Zotero, Omeka, teachinghistory.org and the Bracero History Archive). Each year CHNM’s many project Web sites receive over 16 million visitors, and over a million people rely on its digital tools to teach, learn and conduct research. CHNM is located at George Mason University, which is 15 miles from Washington DC, and is accessible by public transportation.

Please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@chnm.gmu.edu. We will begin reviewing materials immediately.

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Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 12:03 UTC

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