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Chapel Hill
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Created: September 8, 2011


> >APPLICATIONS ANALYST: > Library Systems Department > > Working Title: Applications Analyst > Position Number: 36178 > Salary Range: $39,816 - $59,708 > Closing Date: September 27, 2011 > >As a member of the Web Unit in the University Library's Systems >Department, the Applications Analyst provides applications programming, >Web development expertise, and technical support for the UNC Library. >The primary purpose of this position is to perform development work on >new and existing projects using a variety of programming and markup >languages and other tools, including XHTML, CSS, XML, Perl, PHP, Python, > JavaScript, and RDBMSs. >The Applications Analyst maintains, creates, and revises content and >code including web pages, database driven sites, and administrative >interfaces. The analyst may perform development work relating to content > management systems. The analyst provides training and assistance to >staff on managing web resources housed in traditional web pages, content > management systems, blogs, and wikis. > >The Applications Analyst investigates new developments in Web technology > and evaluates their appropriateness for the presentation of online >public services and content, contributes to the collaborative efforts of > Library Web developers, works to promote and develop standards for >application development, stays abreast of emerging industry trends in >application development, and tests the usability of new technologies >relating to support of Library web initiatives. > >The Applications Analyst documents code and workflow, and manages >development within a versioning system. > >This position is being recruited for at the Contributing Competency >Level under the Career Banding program. The hiring range for this >position is $45,000 - $50,000. > > > >


Published: Thursday, September 8, 2011 19:04 UTC

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