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Created: February 5, 2014


We are looking to employ developers with good engineering skills (predominantly Java, PHP) and experience in RESTful web services and XML data manipulation (including XSLT and XPath). We're a Red Hat shop so Linux/UNIX fluency is useful but as long as you know your way around the shell, filesystem, SVN, Ant, etc, we can teach you the rest as required. You'll be working with workflows and tools designed to manage the path of a physical asset like a book or photograph, through the processes of shelf retrieval, scanning, shelf return, derivative generation from master scan, creation of technical and administrative metadata to accompany the master and derivative files and subsequent ingest of all generated files into our Digital Asset management System (Fedora Commons). We currently use ApacheMQ and Apache Camel to integrate workflow components but we're always on the lookout for tools and technologies, which may enhance our productivity and efficiency. From ancient manuscripts to born-digital broadcast television archives, framed works of art to large photographic collections, The Library is responsible for preserving original materials as well as providing access both digitally and physically to our many and varied collections. These posts work directly with the projects which enable this preservation and access. 

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