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Created: August 17, 2011



The UMIACS ADAPT Project is looking for a Java programmer to assist in a number of open source digital preservation efforts. This programmer will initially work in a small group to help develop and extend several Tomcat/MySQL based web applications. Due to the small size of the research group, applicants must be able to work independently and will be expected to set their own schedule and identify deliverables within the context of current projects. Applicants will work with external collaborators to ensure the software meets the needs of the broader digital preservation community. Minimal travel of one to two times a year will be required.

Daily Activity:

The developer's will focus on building a new web application in collaboration with the Lab's researchers and faculty. In any given week the developer will be expected to spend: ● at least 20 hours of software development and testing. ● at least 5 hours working with outside collaborators to identify necessary additions and identify software bugs. ● at least 3 hours a week attending conference calls and group meetings.

Required Skills: ● Experienced in Java 1.6+ ● Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent work experience. ● Familiar with java persistence or similar ORM technologies ● Experienced in developing database backed Servlet or RESTful web services. ● Experienced developing and deploying applications on Tomcat server installations running on linux.

Excellent candidates should have the additional experience. ● Familiar with developing command-line python utilities. ● Experienced in developing applications in a CI environment ● Minimal Systems Administration experience in a Linux environment. This position is a demanding professional position that will expose applicants to a wide variety of technologies. Applicants must show a desire to continually explore new technologies and work with others to identify new challenges in digital preservation.

About ADAPT The adapt project is a research group housed within the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. The group has worked with numerous partners including the Library of Congress and U.S. National Archives to develop several technologies to assist in long term digital preservation at scale. For more information and a list of projects currently supported by the ADAPT project, please visit

Applying If you are interested, please contact Mike Smorul directly by emailing the following information to - Your CV - Three references. - A portfolio which includes either pointers to web applications you contributed or descriptions of applications you assisted in developing and your role during development - Your salary requirements


Published: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 11:16 UTC

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