Senior Applications Developer

Washington, D.C.
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Created: June 23, 2012


The incumbent serves as the Senior Applications Developer within the National Gallery of Art’s Data Processing Department (TDP) and reports directly to the Manager of Web Development.  Works closely with the Internet and Application Development Manager and other staff within TDP to design, document, develop, modify, test, and support new and existing software applications for the Gallery.  Exercises broad responsibilities for maintaining existing applications and developing new applications, particularly applications supporting websites and web transactions. Such responsibilities may include:
  • analyzing and refining systems requirements
  • translating systems requirements into applications prototypes
  • planning and designing systems architecture
  • determining and designing applications architecture
  • writing, debugging, and maintaining code
  • designing user interfaces
  • working with customers to test applications
  • assuring software and systems quality and functionality
  • integrating hardware and software components
  • writing and maintaining program documentation
  • evaluating new applications software technologies
  • applying information security policies, principles, and practices to the development of application software
Candidate must possess at least one year of specialized experience performing progressively demanding work in development of web applications, including full responsibility as the lead or sole developer for web applications using commercial off-the-shelf software (e.g., web content management systems) as well as custom developments. Candidates possessing a technical degree in computer science, software engineering, applied mathematics, or a related field such as an engineering discipline, are preferred.

Those applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements will be evaluated against these factors to determine the best-qualified candidates.  Applicants must describe their possession of each of these factors individually in a one to two page cover letter as a part of their application.

1.  Knowledge of principles, methods, and approaches appropriate to development of secure, reliable, efficient web-based applications.
2.  Ability to handle a variety of development contexts, including Windows, Linux, and mobile or single-purpose environments (e.g., digital signage) and open source.
3.  In depth knowledge of Java, JavaScript, JSP, and SQL.  Experience with web content management systems and document management systems is a plus.
4.  Knowledge of system testing processes and technologies for unit, component, and system levels, including creation of synthetic transactions for ongoing health monitoring, and basic performance testing and analysis.
5.  Knowledge of and ability to apply infrastructure and languages used in support of web applications, including C, Perl, and shell scripting.
6.  Ability to perform or oversee basic systems administration of Linux and Windows systems and to manage and administer software development tools (development environments, source code version control, proxy servers for facilitating development activities, etc.).

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