Apply to take part in the line-mode browser hack days at CERN

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Created: July 9, 2013


CERN wants to bring the line-mode browser experience back to life so that people can step back in time and relive what it was like to browse the web in its earliest days. No images, no colours, no clicking – just content. An unimpressive medium to a modern audience, the line-mode browser is nevertheless a key cultural asset associated with the story of how the web began.

Are you a leading front-end web developer? Can you hand-roll beautiful CSS in your sleep? Do you eat javascript for breakfast? Are you passionate about the web and its history? Can you come to Geneva 19-20 September 2013? If so, we'd love to have you along to CERN to help us to create a line-mode browser emulator. You would be working with a small team of some of the finest front-end developers out there.

Applications are welcome from anyone - whether you are from a CERN member state or not. We welcome applications from people of all ages, but if you are under 18 you will need the consent of a guardian, and you will need to be accompanied to CERN by a guardian.

Before you sign up: CERN is working to find sponsors to help provide flat bursaries for participants to offset travel and accommodation expenses. Please note, however, that participants will need make their own travel arrangements and book their own accommodation, and that bursaries may not fully cover expenses.

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