Research Associate in Data Provenance, Citation and Archiving

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Created: June 21, 2013


We are seeking a research associate to work on a number of problems associated with the representation and capture of evolving data. The ideal person will have both theoretical and practical knowledge of databases and of data on the Web. The primary development work will be the development of a citation system for curated databases. In addition, the position involves related and fundamental research into provenance and preservation for both databases and linked data. The Database Group at the University of Edinburgh leads research into provenance and related topics such as archiving, annotation and citation of evolving data. While there has been substantial progress on these topics for traditional databases (relational and hierarchical), dealing with linked open data presents new research challenges. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in both theory and implementation, and will have some knowledge of database and Web technology. The post is being funded as part of the EU DIACHRON project and is available from 1 September 2013 for 24 months with a possible extension. It is on the UE07 scale (£30,424 - £36,298) Vacancy Ref: 015193 Closing Date: 19 July 2013 at 5pm GMT

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