Coordinator, Library Database Applications and Content Management

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Created: June 19, 2013


Develop, implement and manage the library's database projects ranging from designing database applications and user interface to usability testing and collecting statistics for further assessment.

Support the library's overall Web environment. Work as the primary software and technical support in the library to facilitate effective workflow, local content creation and information dissemination.

Develop and maintain database driven web pages to better manage library's homepage and web presence.

Provide general technical support in the library with particular focus on software and/or database applications.

Create and manage the on-going operations of library's local content databases.

Work with librarians and staff to coordinate and facilitate interactions between library's commercial software such as but not limited to the online catalog, SFX/MetaLib and the locally created databases such as faculty publications web site, dissertation databases, etc.

When appropriate, determine performance problems, recommend and/or implement information technology solutions in the library.

Develop, install, and maintain library software applications on technical platforms supported by the University.

Prepare related reports and summaries.

Perform other duties, as assigned.

Associate degree in a computer related field plus two years relevant experience; a BA/BS degree in computer science or related discipline; or the combination of education and experience that enables the performance of all aspects of the position.

Strong relational database design and programming experience (particularly PHP/MySQL and/or PERL for web-based interfaces).

Prior experience creating, modifying and/or adopting Open Source software related general or digital library operations, eg. D-Space, ePrint, MDID image database, etc.

Strong Linux/Unix server administration experience (preferably also some knowledge of Windows server environment.)

Experience and/or strong interest in digital library or archival digitization projects.

Knowledge of library services and operations.

Strong communication skills.

Good record and/strong interest in team projects.

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