Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services

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Created: June 4, 2013


Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services
The Oregon State University Libraries and Press seek a highly motivated, experienced, and innovative candidate for our endowed Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services. The successful candidate for this position will lead OSU Libraries & Press in playing a fundamental role in knowledge creation and dissemination over the next five years.

The Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services was established in 2001 as a 3 – 4 year position that works in collaboration with OSULP’s creative and productive faculty and staff, by advancing our role and reputation as a critical information provider for OSU students, faculty, and staff, the state of Oregon, and the larger scholarly community.  This position is uniquely situated to act as a bridge between academia, research libraries, and publishing.

The next Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services will lead the Library and Press’ strategic focus on digital publishing as outlined in our 2012 – 2017 Strategic Plan. We seek a highly motivated, experienced, and innovative individual to serve as the architect for a forward thinking, robust, sustainable, and scalable, digital publishing architecture.  The successful candidate has the unique opportunity to explore and implement emerging digital platforms and tools that can support and sustain scholarly publishing in the digital era.  As architect for our emerging digital publishing framework, the Chair will guide and inspire our experimentation with innovative means for transforming the way scholarship is created, collected, organized, and disseminated. Working closely with and reporting directly to the University Librarian/Press Director, she/he will work closely with the Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication, the director of the Libraries’ Emerging Technologies and Services Department, the head of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services, and OSU Press staff, to plan, develop, and implement strategies and services.  Innovation will be key to success but strategic and active collaboration with partners and alliances at all levels will be essential.

Successful candidates will be expected to collaborate with national and international partners, manage projects, pursue grants, and will have an understanding of the publishing industry.

This is a three-year position, with contract extension at the discretion of the University Librarian/Press Director.  This position is eligible for all benefits awarded to OUS faculty members.

Oregon State University Libraries and Press is a dynamic environment that promotes innovation, values diversity, nurtures creativity, and builds strong communities.


Published: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 01:14 UTC

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