Law Library IT Coordinator

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Created: May 14, 2013


The University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School is seeking an individual to be part of the Law IT Leadership team as well as be part of an energetic and dynamic library technology team dedicated to enhancing the library patron experience through technology. This position is primarily project oriented, most of which will require programming, and is part of the overall Law School/Law Library tech team and, as part of the team, will ensure that all library technology needs are met.

Required experience:
  • Minimum one year experience in SQL, PL/SQL, PHP or MS Access programming
  • Javascript and CSS experience
  • Significant customer service skills; ability to listen, identify needs and keep informed
  • Excellent interpersonal, and presentation skills
  • Demonstrated creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated track record managing multiple priorities and effective time management
Preferred Experience
  • Evidence of ability to create extensive and easily understandable documentation
  • Experience in server administration, especially Lunux Apache Mysql PHP & 2003/2008 Server
  • Moodle, and MS Access experience
Desirable Experience
  • Supervisory experience with students and/or staff
  • Experience programming in a team environment
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design
  • Experience designing pages in a Content Management System
  • Experience working in libraries; working with and maintaining CD Rom databases on the network
Principal duties:

65% Library Project Management.

The LITC works on library projects as prioritized by the Library Technology Committee which may include but are not limited to web applications, research, work with vendors and reports. Serve as Law Library's primary technical contact, working with campus library committees and with vendors to trial, purchase or maintain their products for the library. The LITC also updates and maintains the library cd rom network, stays current with technology hotspots, highlights potential opportunities for the library and does further research as necessary. Serves as Chair of the Library Technology Committee. Project tracking, documentation and communication are essential.

20% Law School Project Management.

Support Moodle which requires regular and effective communication with faculty; provide programming support for AV endeavors and web application programs. Project tracking, communication and documentation are essential. Serve as part of the Law School's server administration team in primarily a backup role.

10% Professional Development.

Activities may include but are not limited to: research, publication, continuing education, professional association involvement & participation in library, campus, state, and other professional networks. Incumbent is expected to keep up with the field, emerging technologies.

5% Serve as Assistant Director for Law IT.

Potentially serve as Acting Director of IT when Director is away. This is a growth area, and responsibilities will grow according to interest and ability.

Additional Information:

Minimum salary is posted as $42,000. However, the salary range is broad and dependent upon qualifications.

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