Workflow Consultant ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project

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Created: February 14, 2012


NYPL seeks a Workflow Consultant to support the work of the Workflow and Technology Subcommittee (WTS).  The Workflow Consultant will work closely with the Planning Consultant and the technology team but will provide deliverables directly to the WTS.

The Workflow Consultant will be engaged to perform the following activities:

1. Evaluate current workflows associated with transferring materials to and retrieving materials from the ReCAP facility

The Workflow Consultant will document existing workflows at the partner libraries necessary to perform these activities:

  • Select and prepare materials for transfer to ReCAP
  • Request, receive, and return materials needed from ReCAP

The Workflow Consultant will also document workflows at the ReCAP facility necessary to perform these activities:

  • Ingest and shelve new materials from each partner (including use of inventory control system)
  • Respond to request, retrieve, deliver, return and reshelve requested materials.

2. Recommend appropriate modifications to these workflows and related technology services necessary to support the shared collectionDeliverables: 


  • An initial report to the WTS due by July 31, 2012 describing current workflows and the Workflow Consultant’s recommendations for workflow changes and system changes necessary to support ReCAP shared collections. 
  • A final report due September 30, 2012 based on continued participation in planning discussions with the WTS and the project team, to incorporate modifications based on subsequent decisions about services, organization, or collection management.

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Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 17:03 UTC

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