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Created: May 12, 2011


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Position Opening: Senior Systems Administrator

This is an exciting opportunity to work with the design, maintenance, and support of large-scale library server systems at a major university.

JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for installation, configuration, maintenance and support of software, systems and related networking infrastructure on physical and virtual servers in the Library, NU Data Centers and in hosted environments; ensuring they adhere to standards, policies and procedures established by the organization and vendors. This position acts as team leader on certain projects and functions as technical resource to other developers, system administrators and technical staff in the library and university.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: (See posting for additional info) 1. Installs, rebuilds or migrates existing servers and configure hardware and virtual machines (VM), applications, peripherals, services, networking, storage, creates and maintains user accounts, security, permissions, and file systems in accordance with standards and operational requirements 2. Performs ongoing support and maintenance for library systems and related applications, including, but not limited to hardware/VM upgrades, networking, CPU, memory, and storage systems, performance tuning, monitoring, alerting and backup systems. 3. Coordinates and communicates ongoing technology needs with NU Information Technology and other technology units on campus 4. Monitors security alerts and working with other staff to ensure that appropriate patches are applied in an automated and timely fashion

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (See posting for additional info) 1. A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Science, or the equivalent combination of education, training, and experience from which comparable skills can be acquired; 2. At least four years of experience in system administration; 3. Demonstrated experience in managing physical and virtual server environments, Unix/Linux and Windows server platforms, related software, and basic system administration utilities, and networking standards; 4. Facilitates open and effective communication, cooperation and teamwork within and outside of one's own team; 5. Experience with UNIX/Linux system administration, command line BSD/GNU tools and familiar with scripting languages; maintaining web applications such as Apache, and basic database (MySQL or Oracle) administration.

TO APPLY: Visit the NU Jobs web site: <> Use advanced search for Job Opening ID # 17247


Published: Thursday, May 12, 2011 15:17 UTC

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