Scholarly Communication Librarian

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Created: March 23, 2013


The Scholarly Communication Librarian position provides leadership for scholarly communication and digitization initiatives at Butler University Libraries. Scholarly communication is a strategic priority for Butler Libraries, and this position is responsible for managing and developing the library’s institutional repository (digital commons via bePress), digital publishing initiatives, and digitization projects. The librarian in this position leads education and outreach to faculty and provides guidance to library colleagues and others on issues relevant to the dynamic scholarly publishing landscape, including author rights, open access (OA) publishing, and alternative publishing trends related to tenure and promotion. The position also serves as the Library’s primary resource on copyright compliance, fair use, and other copyright issues that pertain to library collections and services. As a library faculty member, the Scholarly Communications Librarian has liaison responsibilities to provide library instruction, collection development, and research support for a selected college or department(s). This is a 12-month, continuing (nontenured) faculty appointment and reports to the Associate Dean for Technical Services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include:

• assuming primary responsibility of the Digital Commons institutional repository of scholarly and creative works and publications by members of the Butler community; coordinating, overseeing, and assessing the processes (e.g., faculty outreach, copyright compliance) related to the repository’s maintenance and development;

• providing leadership for planning and implementing digitization projects in alignment with the library’s mission and strategic goals;

• collaborating with liaison librarians and members of the Center for Academic Technology to provide tools and educational opportunities to promote knowledge and awareness of copyright requirements and best practices in topics related to scholarly communication;

• providing leadership in the adoption of best practices in scholarly communication relevant to Butler’s academic mission;

• serving as a liaison to an academic department, responsible for course-based information literacy instruction, collection development, and promoting faculty awareness of new delivery modes and issues in scholarly communication.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Understand the broad universe of information and information-seeking processes to structure library services for users

• Understand and apply requirements, best practices, and guidelines for scholarly communication relevant to Butler Libraries’ digital initiatives and processes

• Communicate scholarly communication issues in a balanced way that can be adjusted to a wide range of audiences across the disciplines

• Use communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively in a collaborative work environment

• Use marketing and outreach skills to discover and recruit institutional scholarly input, research data, and other content for inclusion in the institutional repository.

• Apply project management skills to plan, implement, and assess digital initiatives

• Integrate use of relevant current technologies (e.g. software for developing repositories) and tools into everyday practice and demonstrate their value to others

• Work collaboratively and effectively with diverse groups, including students, faculty, and staff

• Participate in grant and other external funding opportunities in support of the library’s mission and strategic goals

Minimum Qualifications:

• Master's of Library Science from an ALA-accredited institution and ability to meet minimum qualifications for the rank of Assistant Professor as stated in 20.30.30.B.2.a of the Butler University Faculty Handbook.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Master’s of Library Science from an ALA-accredited institution, a Juris Doctor degree, ability to meet minimum qualifications for the rank of Associate Professor as stated in 20.30.30.B.2.b of the Butler University Faculty Handbook.

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