Technical Services Librarian / System Administrator

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Created: March 14, 2013


The position is responsible for the supervision of library acquisitions, cataloging, serials, maintenance of the automated library system and online catalog, and serving as the library's primary contact with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Additional responsibilities include some evening, weekend, and reference desk duties, plus college committee assignments.

Essential Job Functions:

System administrator:

System: set and revise when necessary all system options and parameters; revise html/css files and set Millennium Web options to maintain look and functionality of the OPAC; act as contact person for Innovative; resolve database problems; check various system status reports and messages; maintain passwords and authorizations; free records in use by the system; create various reports on a regular basis; work closely with library staff to maintain and develop all Millennium administrative modules and Web OPAC; explore and advise library director on new Innovative products; install program updates*; ensure backups performed daily by ITS*.

*would be performed by Innovative in a hosted situation

Cataloging: set Millennium cataloging module parameters; set system parameters to allow downloading of bibliographic records from OCLC into Innovative

Circulation: set Millennium circulation module parameters (days open, hours closed, expiration dates, loan rules, loan rule determination table, patron types, text of circulation notices, overdue charges, reserves, etc.); maintain accuracy and currency of patron records; regularly produce circulation statistics; work closely with library circulation staff to maintain circulation module.

Serials: set Millennium serials module options; work closely with library serials staff to maintain serials module.

Acquisitions: set Millennium acquisitions module options (fund accounts, vendor records, reports, etc.); work closely with library acquisitions staff to maintain acquisitions module

Boopsie: on a weekly basis create a review file of MARC records for all titles in Millennium, export the file to a local PC, compress the file, and move compressed file to web server. This process provides the ability to search the catalog with our mobile app.

Experience with digitization projects and knowledge of digitization platforms preferred.


Download bibliographic records for new books from OCLC to Innovative; perform original cataloging when necessary; maintain authority control by globally updating changed headings or adding new see/see also headings when necessary; catalog material in various non-print formats (digital, archival, e-books, e-journals, etc.); create on a weekly basis review files of new cataloged items; maintain cataloging statistics; delete bibliographic records from Innovative for withdrawn material; maintain holdings information in OCLC; maintain serial holdings information in Millennium bibliographic and serial records, EBSCO A-Z, and OCLC Local Holdings Records.

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