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Senior Software Engineer — Full Stack

Cambridge, MA
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Salary: $85,100 - $146,500
Created: January 8, 2024


The Harvard Library Innovation Lab (LIL) is looking for a full stack Senior Software Engineer to help us imagine and build innovative software that charts the future of libraries. Our ideal candidate would be excited to join our efforts to build a variety of tools and services that help the world create, preserve, and access knowledge. 

LIL’s current portfolio extends from Perma.cc, a vital web archiving platform that helps power the legal and educational sectors, to cutting edge experiments in applying large language models to civic knowledge problems, and all sorts of tools and experiments in between. Please visit our website to get a greater sense of our current projects and activities. 

Located at the Harvard Law Library, LIL is a fun and collaborative lab with a broad mission focused on re-envisioning how libraries can contribute to society. We are a small but active group working at the intersection of libraries, technology, and law, and we are looking for someone with new skills and perspectives to add to our team.  

We value clean architecture and maintainability in our work. We welcome developers from any technical background who are well-prepared to dive into our code. 

Our work is open-source and openly available, with an eye to broad, public-interest impact. You will be working directly with team members and the whole of the library staff and beyond. 

LIL’s projects can range from large to small and can bring immediate benefit or prototype the future. A great deal of enthusiasm and creativity is required, as well as the ability to work collaboratively on long-term and short-term projects with an effective team.  


Submitted by: mdellabitta@law.harvard.edu

Published: Friday, January 12, 2024 23:33 UTC

Last updated: Friday, January 12, 2024 23:33 UTC