IT Support Specialist Lead

Created: April 17, 2023


This position is responsible for providing high-level IT desktop and building technology support for the River Campus Libraries (RCL), as well as supporting library enterprise systems.  Duties include resolving issues related to computers, mobile devices, peripherals and audio-visual equipment; Active Directory account commissioning and decommissioning.  The incumbent will also be charged with staying current with IT equipment and trends. 

It is essential that the incumbent possess a strong commitment to working in a team environment; communication is vital to this position as well as the ability to work independently.  Overseeing the delivery of top-tier customer service is a large part of the position, which includes sensitively communicating with RCL staff and facilitating positive results.

In addition to IT support and customer service, this professional will lead technical projects related to emerging technologies and services which effectively support RCL research, teaching, and learning programs.

Last updated: Thursday, April 20, 2023 16:52 UTC