Geospatial Specialist/Librarian

Tucson, AZ
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Salary: $63,000 - $76,000
Created: January 27, 2023


The University of Arizona Libraries’ Data Cooperative provides data science and visualization services, geospatial services, and digital scholarship services for the University. The incumbent will develop a robust program supporting geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial data services through a variety of formats, providing up-to-date and on-demand training for relevant tools and resources.

The Geospatial Specialist / Librarian will: stay abreast of trends and tools available in the evolving geospatial data ecosystem; provide technical support and training in the use of tools and workflows to support GIS applications; work with library colleagues and researchers to identify appropriate tools, platforms, and resources for geospatial projects; collaborate with other members of the Data Cooperative and Research Engagement to develop outreach strategies and partnerships; work with members of the Libraries’  Technical Services and Support (TeSS) department in support of infrastructure for discovery and access of the Libraries’ geospatial digital assets; collaborate with Research Engagement and TeSS departments on curation and metadata management for geospatial digital assets; contribute to the scholarly record through research, creative works, and/or scholarship.

This is a continuing-eligible or continuing status track, academic professional position. Incumbents are members of the general faculty and are entitled to all accompanying rights and privileges granted by the Arizona Board of Regents and the University of Arizona. Retention and promotion are earned through achievement of a record of excellence in position effectiveness, scholarship, and service.

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