Data Curation and Research Reproducibility Specialist

Ann Arbor, MI
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Salary: $62,000 - $80,000
Created: December 14, 2022


NOTE: This is a three year term appointment

The University of Michigan Library is excited to announce an open position for a Data Curation Specialist in its Deep Blue Repository and Research Data Services (DBRRDS) unit.  

In this position, you will engage researchers to develop an understanding of their needs for the reproducibility of their work, and then build tools and services to address these needs. You will curate research data submitted to the Deep Blue Data repository with an emphasis on supporting reproducibility and improving data quality. This is a joint position between the Library and the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS).

We are seeking individuals with experience engaging in data-intensive research, including managing or analyzing data in at least one field of academic research, such as healthcare , engineering or social science. We are also interested in applicants who are experienced in at least one programming language to construct data-intensive research workflows, which could include data ingest / clean-up, modeling, visualization or analysis. A degree in Library Science is helpful, but not required for this position.

Appointment is anticipated at the Associate Librarian or Senior Associate Librarian rank. The salary range for this position is $62,000 to $70,000 for the Associate Librarian rank and $71,000 to $80,000 for the Senior Associate Librarian rank.

Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2023.

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Published: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 22:55 UTC

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