Data Services Specialist

Pittsburgh, PA
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Created: October 26, 2022


Core Responsibilites

  • Developing and implementing strategies at the library and university levels to champion sustainable approaches to supporting the research life cycle management and public access to products of research including data and software.
  • Developing innovative services and resources to support research activities and teaching across the areas of research data management, data storage, data transformation, workflows and documentation, data sharing, open data, and open science.
  • Leading the university’s instance of DMPTool and further developing this resource.
  • As a member of the Data Services team, jointly providing expert consultations on topics related to research data and methods and assisting in the support of research tools including Open Science Framework, Overleaf, Figshare, Elements, Redivis, and electronic lab notebooks.
  • Teaching workshops and trainings on research data practices and digital research tools to both the campus and library communities.
  • Partnering with liaison librarians to assess and support the data needs of specific departments and disciplines.
  • Acquiring and maintaining expertise in trends with research data, digital curation, and related areas.
  • Tracking funder and publisher mandates/guidelines for data management, data sharing, and open access
  • Establishing relationships and collaborations with other units across the university who are involved in research, including the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, Computing Services, Risk Management, the Institutional Review Board, and the Information Security Office.


  • Experience conducting academic research in a discipline or field that is well established at CMU (relevant research experience in industry or government also considered)
  • Familiarity with challenges and opportunities related to data re-use and reproducibility.
  • Experience with or training in research data management and/or data curation.
  • Ability to work effectively with teams across the research lifecycle and to offer services throughout different phases.
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to build and support programs and initiatives.
  • Experience developing and implementing pedagogy around research data skills and practices.
  • Ability to provide consultation on research data skills and practices.
  • Experience in identifying the information needs of researchers and in developing effective responses or services to meet those needs.

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