Digital Scholarship Librarian (2 Open Positions)

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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Salary: $62,650 - $78,300 (non-senior) / $69,100 - $86.350 (senior)
Created: October 19, 2022


Boston College Libraries seek two Digital Scholarship Librarians to be part of our Digital Scholarship Group (DSG). These positions are primarily responsible for facilitating and supporting the creation of faculty and student digital research projects; digital scholarship skills training for faculty, students, and staff; supporting the incorporation of digital scholarship (and digital humanities) into undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula; and working closely with BC’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities program. We see the non-senior position as being a good opportunity for someone newer to the profession and encourage you to apply even if you feel you lack a few of the qualifications. Apply on BC's career site.

The DS Librarians provide support for faculty and student digital research projects, ranging from short and long-term consultations (e.g., helping to identify appropriate DS methods, tools, and training resources) to more intensive, hands-on assistance with technology, project design, and project management. For faculty, the DS Librarians offer a range of teaching support from providing one-shot instruction sessions to teaching multiple sessions and providing assistance with curriculum design. As of the past few years, faculty have been particularly interested in incorporating GIS in their research and, even more so, GIS and 3D modeling in their teaching. 

As a member of the DSG, the DS Librarians collaborate on providing current DS services, designing and implementing new ones, and are a valued voice in DSG strategic planning and goal setting as the group strives to expand its role in BC Libraries and beyond. (The DSG’s effort to maximize the abilities and interests of its members means that the DS Librarians’ particular areas of expertise heavily influence their role in the department and the projects, instruction, etc. they take on.) The collaborative nature of these positions extends to working with staff across the Libraries (subject liaison librarians, in particular) and campus with units such as Research Services and the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning to meet faculty research and teaching needs.

Position Titles:

Senior Digital Scholarship - 5+ years of experience, $ 69,100 - $86.350
Digital Scholarship Librarian - less than 5 years of experience  $62,650 - $78,300


  • A Master’s degree in Library Science or Information Science, or an equivalent combination of a relevant advanced degree and library or digital scholarship experience;

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience, minimum 5 years for a senior position;

  • Demonstrated experience in a range of digital scholarship methods (e.g., text analysis, GIS/mapping, network analysis, digital exhibits, 3D/immersive technologies, etc.), tools, and skills;

  • The ability to engage with research across a variety of disciplines and work with and support faculty and students within those disciplines;

  • The ability to collaborate with faculty, librarians, and staff on research projects and teaching;

  • The ability and willingness to learn new technologies and methodologies;

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Experience working in academic libraries;

  • Experience providing DS skills training and classroom instruction;

  • Has knowledge of digital accessibility best practices;

  • Demonstrated knowledge of front-end web development using PHP, HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript, and familiarity with content management systems such as Omeka and WordPress



Published: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 20:57 UTC

Last updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 20:57 UTC