Research Intelligence and Library Data Analyst

Oak Ridge, TN
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Created: September 20, 2022



The Research Library and Information Services Group at ORNL is seeking a highly motivated information services analyst to support the Lab’s Science and Innovation Culture by connecting scientists and technical staff with world-class research resources and services. The ORNL Research Library is an information and service center that provides databases, journals, technical reports, books, and research and analytics tools to scientists, engineers, technical staff, and support staff. In this position you will provide information services by engaging with researchers in the virtual and physical spaces where they seek information. You will join a dynamic team and contribute uniquely to the success of the organization.

The selected candidate will be responsible for working across ORNL to perform advanced information analysis, develop and implement new information services tools using different programming languages, Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and perform data analytics and data visualization on complex data sets including journals, publication metrics and more. This position will require the creation of data products, programs and reports for the Research Library and Information Services Group and research groups across ORNL.


Major Duties/Responsibilities

  • Provide support to a variety of data collection and reporting efforts for Laboratory stakeholders. 
  • Lead the Library’s Research Intelligence Team, utilizing advanced tools and methods from a variety of information science disciplines, including bibliometrics, patent analysis, research analytics, data visualization, network analysis, and topic modeling to answer pressing science- and technology-related questions.
  • Automate data collection and analysis using preferred programmatic scripting language.
  • Develop, maintain, and promote interactive data visualization dashboards using Power BI for a wide variety of customers, utilizing a diversity of information sources.
  • Support initiatives to improve Lab-wide processes via development of KPIs and data analytics.
  • Utilize web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to collect data and assist in reporting activities.
  • Present and report results of analysis conducted as data products or technical reports
  • Effectively anticipate user requests and develop, maintain, and deploy innovative tools to assist Laboratory customers with information service requests.
  • Initiate and conduct training activities to assist staff in elevating their scientific impact and effectively using library resources.
  • Periodically work with internal and external resources to resolve technical challenges with data sources as well as establishing new capabilities, services, and sources.
  • Serve as a liaison to the Data Lifecycle and Scalable Workflows Group to support beginner and intermediate research data management needs.
  • Support Library collection development activities through data collection, analysis, and reporting using a variety of vendors, data sources, and platforms.
  • Support research evaluation and bibliometric assessment activities across the lab at the author, group, and institutional level, using a variety of information sources while also advising on the responsible use of impact metrics.


Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor of Science in a STEM field.
  • Five years of experience as a research librarian or data analyst in a higher education or other heavy research setting.
  • Demonstrated experience with bibliographic and citation analysis tools.
  • Familiarity in programming languages that support reporting and library systems.
  • Demonstrated knowledge (coursework or experience) of data management best practices and tools.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Strong interest in customer service and outreach.


Qualifications Preferred:

  • Master’s Degree in Information Science, Business, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Demonstrated experience with Python or R
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for data retrieval
  • Demonstrated experience with data analytics, data visualization, and data storytelling
  • Management experience


Published: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 20:34 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 20:34 UTC