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Information Architect Librarian

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Created: July 7, 2022


We are Squillo, an automation startup with proprietary software that will fundamentally change how ANYTHING with a semiconductor and an internet connection communicates. As a rapidly growing startup we are looking to add an Information Architecture Librarian to our team. 

The Squillo Information Architect Librarian will be responsible for creating and maintaining a metadata standard & schema of Cloud Services and SaaS products, as well as codifying the functions of these services into a database. This metadata will be used to help users find and use the correct resources for their needs, as well as identify redundancies and/or replacements.

As the Squillo Information Architecture Librarian you will collaborate with system architects & engineers, IT staff, and vendors to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is being captured into a graph database. You will also develop and implement quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of the data.  You will also create documentation and training materials to help engineers & developers understand how to use the schema and data.

This is a highly technical position that requires a deep knowledge of schema development, ontologies, and taxonomies, combined with the ability to effectively communicate with people from technical and non-technical backgrounds.   Additionally, you will need to be comfortable with eventually advising or constructing a metadata collection team.

This exciting career will be a great fit if you are passionate about data, emerging technologies, and categorization as well as have a desire to help people find the resources they need.  

Contact Squillo (careers@squillo.io) to get the conversation started for your next career move. 


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Published: Thursday, July 7, 2022 02:04 UTC

Last updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022 02:04 UTC