Web Developer (full stack)

Salary: 55-60k
Created: July 6, 2022


This job is for someone who likes to do it all, web design, web administration (seo, analytics), plus front end and back end management & development.   The library has its main site in WordPress.   


  • gain experience, and network within the Indiana University web and IT community
  • work collaboratively with the library's research, tech, and marketing teams
  • library supports (time, funds) professional development
  • access to RIVET, a focused set of front end UI components, as well as a place for documenting good UX, accessibility and design practices
  • opportunities to work on/or advise on what technical resources are needed for various projects such the library's research team need for a system for tracking faculty publications. 
  • technology enthusiast is a plus, library has VR, 3D scanning, 3D printing (these are managed separately, but you have access)
  • visit the IU Human Resources department for more benefits (see new academic and exempt staff employees)

Last updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022 02:03 UTC