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Aspen Support / Quality Assurance Analyst

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Salary: $40,000-50,000
Created: June 29, 2022


Aspen Support / Quality Assurance Analyst

Did you know that libraries have more than books? Libraries today have so much more than just books, but unfortunately, a lot of patrons don’t know everything that libraries own and everything that libraries can do for them. At ByWater Solutions, we are trying to change that by helping to connect patrons to all of the unique content that libraries have, all while creating a modern, user-friendly interface that patrons love to use!

ByWater Solutions is a small and close-knit group of technology specialists who work in a fast paced and family oriented environment that places a great deal of attention on the quality of life and satisfaction with helping set up libraries for success. 

Aspen Discovery is a quickly growing open source discovery layer with strong roots (in development for over 12 years!) and a diverse group of library partners. We are innovating in a number of areas and are actively working with our partners to constantly improve the software and our implementations, all while providing world class support. Aspen Discovery is a great chance to work on software that can truly make a difference in people’s lives by providing equal access to a wide variety of information to everyone.  

As an Aspen Support and Quality Assurance Analyst with our Aspen Discovery Department, you will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and challenges. We expect the person in this role to contribute in the following areas:


  • Review new tickets as they are submitted by libraries and answer them or escalate to the appropriate team member.  

  • Communicate with libraries on the status of their tickets. 

  • Reproduce tickets submitted by libraries and request additional information as appropriate.

  • Perform manual testing of Aspen Discovery with each new release to ensure that existing functionality continues to operate properly and ensure that new functionality works as designed. 

  • Investigate automated testing tools to make testing faster to conduct. 

  • Work with partners post implementation to support any questions or issues they have.

  • Work with product managers and developers to understand new functionality being implemented. 

  • Meet with partners on camera in zoom meetings to go through questions or to train them on Aspen. 

  • Work with the Aspen Discovery Team to improve our internal processes. 

  • Help your team members learn new skills.

  • Participate in the Aspen Community.

  • Work a schedule that aligns to partner and team needs.


This position is an entry-level customer facing position that requires a successful candidate to be detail oriented, work on a timeline, track progress, and clearly communicate with customers and teammates. 


We want you to have fun, be challenged, and be able to make a difference for our partners and their patrons!

What to expect at ByWater (but also expect the unexpected)

Your First Week

  • Firehose gets turned on :) 

  • Meet your coworkers (we’re all really nice)

  • Setup your computer 

  • Get access to all the key systems (gmail, rt (ticketing system), payroll systems, etc.)

  • Attend team meetings

  • Get a demo of Aspen Discovery

  • Watch recorded tutorials of Aspen Discovery functionality 

  • Watch past trainings of Aspen Discovery 

  • Ask lots of questions


New stuff, your Second Week

  • Review incoming tickets for Aspen Discovery to get a feel for the types of issues our partners have 

  • Triage tickets as they come in and identify and fix issues for partners 

  • Attend a set of partner implementation meetings to see how we work with partners to configure their systems

New stuff your First Month 

  • Attend Aspen Gatherings to get introduced to the community

  • Work with the team to revise goals/OKRs to be more measurable and add goals for yourself 

  • Attend meetings we have with partners post implementation

  • Work on creating a test plan for Aspen Discovery to ensure critical functionality is tested with each new release 


New stuff your First three months

  • Complete shadowing of an implementation

  • Assist in testing and documenting new functionality as it is released

  • Work with other teams to identify support gaps and develop a plan to resolve


New stuff your First six months and beyond

  • Continue ticket triage

  • Review automated test tools

  • Select and manage projects related to the overall goals of the team

  • Assist in fine tuning internal processes

  • Keep asking questions!


This is a full-time, telecommuting (permanent) position which requires working from home and some travel requirements. The salary for this position ranges from $40,000-50,000, depending on experience. ByWater offers performance bonuses, 401k, medical, on the job skills training, and the chance to work with a talented group of team members.


If this sounds like you, send your resume and cover letter to jobs-aspen@bywatersolutions.com


Published: Friday, July 1, 2022 02:34 UTC

Last updated: Friday, July 1, 2022 02:34 UTC