Information Technology Specialist (Audio-Visual Specialist)

Washington, D.C.
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Created: December 21, 2012


The incumbent serves as a subject matter expert and analyst pertaining to audio-visual digital formats and content. The incumbent's expertise and analytic skills are applied to a variety of strategic planning activities. Examples include the development of guideline specifications, assessments of the sustainability of digital formats, and the definition of supporting elements in the technology infrastructure. Many of these activities are carried out in group settings chaired or led by the incumbent, in the Library of Congress and in interagency working groups with representatives of other governmental agencies. The incumbent's expertise and analytic skills are also applied in liaison relationships with the Library's governmental and non-governmental preservation partners.

Individually and in collaboration with digital audio-visual experts and specialists in information technology, the incumbent participates in major digital programs that include internal communication strategies, new digital sustainability policies, metadata and standards for digital content, and new models for information access and delivery. The incumbent works with members of the digital library and digital archiving profession, representatives of the information technology industry, and various working groups throughout the Library involved in digital technologies and audio-visual content as they relate to the long-term preservation.

This position is located in the Office of Strategic Initiatives. The incumbent will report to the Director of Integration Management.

Organizes, develops, and implements plans for specific projects. Directs and shapes the character and overall nature of projects. Oversees projects from conception through development, production, and introduction to the intended audience. Coordinates the work of others for specific tasks to ensure the completion of product development, marketing projects, public programs, or other events. Participates in planning the work of a unit, including formulating goals and objectives, and identifying opportunities for improvements in methods and procedures. Manages various functions simultaneously and with flexibility to work under competing demands and deadlines. Serves on committees and other groups involved in investigating new technologies and their possible application to library programs.

With a special focus on digital audio visual content and formats, provides expert analysis and advice on complex program related information technology (IT) issues and problems where new analytical techniques must be developed to identify and evaluate findings. Based on operations and changing program requirements, identifies relevant issues. Collects relevant information from multiple varied sources, some of which are difficult to access. Makes authoritative recommendations.

Schedules and coordinates efforts to gather, compile, and analyze a wide variety of information on industry technology developments and potential partners, e.g., past performance on state-of-the-art audio-visual technology developments and projects, product quality and applicability in the digital preservation field, effectiveness of distribution, and level of adoption by end-users. Evaluates the ability of the technology and its manufacturer to provide solutions for problems in the field of digital preservation. Utilizing these assessments, provides expert advice and guidance to users and manufacturers concerning the role of these technologies in the federal government environment.

The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule.


Published: Friday, December 21, 2012 16:15 UTC

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