Applications Developer

Kent, OH
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Salary: min $56,250
Created: April 4, 2022


Kent State University Libraries seeks an experienced Applications Developer for its Systems Department. The Applications Developer will create and maintain code to support a wide variety of innovative projects that include both public-facing applications as well as internal workflow tools.


  1.  Create and maintain code to support UL projects including:
    • KSU Proxy
    • Account Management System
    • Special Collections metadata collection tool and associated public interfaces to these collections
    • Selection Manager
    • UL Event Tracker CRM
    • University Press Database & CRM
  2. Create and maintain code to support library automation by interfacing with our Innovative ILS System to support the following:
    • Patron Database and associated scripts
    • Notices Tool
    • New Materials and Actives Serials systems
    • Budget Report System/Billing Database
    • Building Monitor/UL Security System
  3. Configure and maintain LAMP servers to support our web sites, workflow applications, and storage solutions.
  4. Handle various long-term projects as assigned such as:
    • Long-term archival storage solution
    • EAD Toolkit
    • Legacy tool replacement or retirement


Published: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 16:47 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 16:47 UTC