Head of Digital Scholarship Services Librarian

East Lansing, MI
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Salary: Minimum $75,000.00
Created: April 1, 2022


The Head of Digital Scholarship Services is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing an active, comprehensive digital scholarship program that engages faculty and students in a variety of ways through teaching, learning, research, and outreach to the community. Within the MSU Libraries, the Head of Digital Scholarship Services reports to the Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Research Engagement and partners with librarians and staff on initiatives and services. The Head leads a team of 4 FTE librarians, including 3 digital scholarship librarians and a data services librarian, 1 FTE staff and numerous student workers. The Head also works closely with our partners in the College of Arts and Letters on programmatic directions and partnership in digital humanities teaching and research.  Externally, the Head collaborates with faculty, administrators, staff, and students in all disciplines across campus as well as with other campus units as a partner and thought leader for the digital scholarship infrastructure at Michigan State University.


  • Developing, managing, and assessing programs and services of the Digital Scholarship Services including strategic planning and daily operations in support of digital scholarship programs, including teaching, research consultation and support, data services, and outreach.
  • Supervising and mentoring staff of the Digital Scholarship Lab, particularly in the area of developing and maintaining technical and research expertise.
  • Fostering digital scholarship projects that support faculty, researchers, and students in their own teaching, research, and scholarly activities.
  • Building awareness and support for the Digital Scholarship Lab programs and services by providing information and education to internal and external constituencies.
  • Advocating and collaborating with constituencies on issues related to digital research, outreach, and publishing both directly and through the assistance of subject liaisons across all library departments.
  • Working closely with other public service units to ensure open communication and consistent implementation of Libraries policies and procedures.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest trends and best practices in the field of digital scholarship and digital humanities.
  • Encouraging experimentation and risk-taking in digital scholarship projects as part of professional growth and innovative services.
  • Participating actively and collaboratively on library and university committees, task forces, and project teams as appropriate.
  • Actively seeking opportunities to participate in professional organizations to meet MSU Libraries’ criteria for advancement and promotion.

Librarians are appointed as regular faculty in the continuing appointment system and are engaged in professional development and scholarly activities related to their position in addition to serving on library and university committees as elected or assigned.

The MSU Libraries Strategic Plan guides our current and future work. The candidate will enthusiastically partner with our diverse campus to develop our welcoming multicultural environment. More information on MSU and the MSU Libraries’ dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is available at: http://www.inclusion.msu.edu/about/index.html.

Michigan State University Libraries serve more than 5,700 faculty, 39,000 under-graduates, and 11,000 graduate and professional students on a park-like campus of over 5,000 acres.


Published: Monday, April 4, 2022 15:59 UTC

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