Manager and Apple System Administrator

Tuscaloosa, AL
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Salary: 47590.44 Midpoint - $ 68993.64
Created: January 6, 2022


The position reports to the Director of Library Technology and manages the Area Computing Services unit. The unit comprises of 2 - 3 fulltime technology staff and 5 student employees. The department is responsible for the operation and support of over 1,300 computers, managing 150 software applications, and providing helpdesk support for faculty, staff, and students in the 5-branch system.

Management responsibilities include supervising, developing, planning, and managing the tasks, projects, and priorities for employees, providing any guidance or assistance to ensure that assignments are completed successfully. The position is also responsible for providing short, intermediate, and long-range technology planning for desktop, network, and software installations, upgrades, and maintenance of managed technology. Develop measures to assess the unit’s activities and provide regular reports. The position will support work for FOLIO and other needs of the University Libraries as directed by the Director of Library Technology.

The employee is also responsible for the system administration of the MacOS, iOS, tvOS academic labs, and administrative Apple devices. This includes managing computer hardware, designing custom operating system images, and providing advanced system support. The employee is responsible for creating and managing global MacOS, iOS, tvOS device policies and configuration profiles for managed Apple systems. The employee will also provide technical guidance for the utilization of the JAMF Pro platform to the Sanford Media Center.

The incumbent is also responsible for providing server administration for the department’s on-premise JAMF Pro Mobile Device Management server. Management activities include keeping the server operational, applying required security patches, and upgrading the JAMF Pro platform to the latest version. The position is responsible for managing the software lifecycle for MacOS, iOS, tvOS, and library makerspace environments. This includes selecting, packaging, application installation automation, and troubleshooting complex system issues for managed applications.

The employee is responsible for creating, testing, and maintaining advanced computer scripts. This activity assists the department in automating system administration tasks in the Windows and Mac environments. The scripting languages include Perl, Python, PowerShell, Bash, Batch, and Windows Script Host.

The position also manages the technology in the library makerspace environment, including 3D printers, Oculus Rift virtual reality stations, and portable 3D scanners. This includes hardware life-cycle management, system design, integration, maintenance, troubleshooting complex system issues, and user training.

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