Librarian (Automation Operations Coordinator)

Washington, D.C.
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Salary: $103,690 - $134,798 per year
Created: November 19, 2021


Initiates, establishes, and maintains professional relationships with librarians and other specialists in order to share resources and information as well as to coordinate workflow within the library. As a consultant, makes recommendations regarding major changes in program areas. Explains or presents specialized or technical information to individuals or groups with varying backgrounds or levels of experience. Develops and maintains professional standing through a variety of methods, including participation in professional organizations, which may include presenting papers at conferences, seminars, or meetings in librarianship and other relevant fields. Collaborates on projects both inside and outside the Library. Assists clients in developing complex projects.

Manages special projects that have a significant impact on the delivery of customer support services. Represents the division in planning for the installation and implementation of new systems (e.g., upgrade to a new operating system). Leads efforts to define post-implementation support requirements. Develops and implements performance criteria to ensure that requirements are achieved.

Leads quick-response teams in responding to customer service problems resulting from catastrophic events, such as virus infections or power outages. Consults with other experts in other specialty areas to develop integrated action plans. Issues communication to inform customers of problems and to instruct them in taking necessary actions. Plans and coordinates actions with interagency infrastructure protection groups to ensure an integrated response to problems of a potentially extensive nature.

Analyzes and resolves problems related to the resolution of user hardware, software application, and system problems. Anticipates issues/problems relating to complex hardware and software applications. Troubleshoots a wide range of user application problems reported by staff. Serves as the division’s coordinator for telecommunications equipment, operations, services and maintenance.

Serves as division expert for database management systems. Provides technical support to computer personnel and users throughout the Library of Congress engaged in the development and implementation of the systems and subsystems required to meet the data processing needs of the Library of Congress. Works with end users to establish and enforce database standards, procedures, and guidelines.

Designs and manages database systems for a division-wide or directorate-wide application with multiple users in more than one division or program office. Develops, monitors and maintains DBMS environments and objects such as tables, indexes, and views. Assists with the backup, restoration, reorganization, and recovery work on database and associated files. Monitors database and associated files. Performs physical database design, implementation, and testing. Conducts workflow analysis to reduce redundancy and improve efficiency. Reviews procedural changes to determine impact on users. Recommends changes in procedures.

Plans and implements innovative technologies including development of short-range plans for information technology applications which have agency-wide impact and benefit. Develops detailed project plans, timetables, and coordination control to ensure the integrity of the system design and development and the success of implementation.

Applies new technologies to projects and systems to improve access to information and productivity.

Oversees, coordinates, and manages the Library of Congress-wide library computer equipment and automated services. Coordinates with the division staff and other cooperative partners to assure interconnectivity and continued upgrades to shared resources.

Ensures the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices in the delivery of systems administration services for the division or directorate. Resolves hardware/software interface and inter-operability problems.


Published: Friday, November 19, 2021 17:35 UTC

Last updated: Friday, November 19, 2021 17:35 UTC