Digital Coordinator and Archival Liaison

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Created: October 21, 2021


The Digital Coordinator and Archival Liaison (DCAL) will fill a critical dual role at the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies (ITPS). The DCAL will  focus digital humanities projects, initiatives, and curriculum at Iona in collaboration with the ITPS Director and other interested parts of the campus community. The DCAL will also serve as the point person for the archival holdings affiliated with the ITPS, including the Thomas Paine National Historical Association (TPNHA) and Lapidus collections, with an emphasis on preservation, digitization, and access. The DCAL will work to raise the profile of the archival holdings and facilitate their digital engagement.

In additional to the development and management of digital collections,The DCAL will also work in collaboration with the Director and Public Historian to coordinate and oversee events and public programming relevant to the ITPS archives and digital humanities endeavors. The DCAL will report to the ITPS Director and work with the Associate Provost and the TPNHA Archive affiliate librarian, Assistant Director of Libraries. The DCAL should hold either an MLS/MLIS, MA in Digital humanities (or similar advanced degree), and/or a PhD in history/political science/literature relevant to the content of the TPNHA archive. For more about the collection, please see the ITPS research portal: The DCAL should have experience (two years +) working in archives, curation, and/or as a digital humanities/data science practitioner.

Specific responsibilities and skills include: 

  • Serve as a Coordinator for Digital Humanities Initiatives at Iona College, including; maintaining and expanding the ITPS research portal and relevant content (experience in data visualization, mapping, digital textuality and relevant tools needed); collaborating with and supporting the the Ryan Library, the history department, the Core Curriculum Committee, the School of Arts and Science, and the Lapenta School of Business as requested on projects, curriculum, and initiatives related to digital humanities, digital literacies, and others as they arise; supporting the Text Attribution Project (TAP); the Lapidus Collection and attribution query; and other projects at the ITPS.
  • Oversee the Creation, Management, and Engagement with the Thomas Paine National Historical Association (TPNHA) Digital Archive, including: the physical process of digitizing the collection; encouraging and supporting the use of the digital archive by scholarly researchers, in the classroom and in teaching, and in public facing/GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) collaborations; completing and maintaining the TPNHA research database (experience with Reclaim Hosting, Wordpress, Omeka, Python and/or equivalent programming needed); developing curriculum and programming around the digital archive in collaboration with the Public Historian; and any other aspects generating interest in the digital archive such presentations, virtual exhibits, and opportunities to promote and share the digital archive with a wide audience.
  • Coordinate Preservation and Access to the Physical TPNHA Archive in Collaboration with the Ryan Library; including: building out research and public-facing opportunities involving the physical archive; support of the Gardiner Archival Fellowship Program; facilitating access to the collection in dialogue with the Ryan Library.
  • Collaboration on ITPS grant-related opportunities, including: work with the ITPS Director, the Provost Office, and the Grants Office, as well as other interested partners, on public and private grant applications; prepare relevant materials to this process for interested donors, organizations; and other related activities, as they arise. 

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