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Created: December 11, 2012


The Coordinator for the Digital Preservation System will, with the Digital Preservation Archivist, administer the back office environment of the Library’s digital preservation software, Rosetta. Within the software, the Coordinator configures deposit procedures for various collections, manages users, manages plug-ins, works with the technical metadata extractor, risk extractor, migration tools, custom fixity, format identifier, etc.

The Coordinator will also work with the Digital Preservation Archivist to implement preservation plans within Rosetta, regularly deposit files into Rosetta, assess and approve files deposited by others throughout the organization, and assist in staff training on the software.

Committees, Council membership, etc.: Temporary assignment to E-Research Committee during Spring – Early Summer of 2013.

Duty: Administer the Library’s digital preservation system for Library staff and external users.

Tasks: Various software administration functions, including configuring software, configuring deposit procedures for various collections, managing users, plug-in management, management for the technical metadata extractor/risk extractor/migration tool/repository task/field validator/PI generator/access rights/custom fixity/format identifier/virus check, submission and archival management as well as assist in creating preservation plans for collections within the system.

Duty: Coordinate the deposit of files into Rosetta and assess and approve files deposited by others throughout the organization .

Tasks: Ingest archival files into Library digital preservation system and assist Digital Preservation Archivist with the management of archival file deposits by Library staff and external producers. Manage the workflows of various departments to insure files are deposited correctly and moved smoothly between the operational and preservation repositories within the software.

Duty: Assist Digital Preservation Archivist in training staff on the use of Library digital preservation system software.

Tasks: Assist in defining which staff members need which user roles within software. Assist in the coordination and training of staff on a semi-regular basis regarding their various roles within the system.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Communications, Art History or related field plus 2 years experience large scale digital information management or equivalency required. Must have demonstrated communications and human relations skills. Specific skills in photography, video and audio production are important elements of this position. A commitment to provide excellent customer service required.

Preferred Relevant Education or Training:
Masters of Science in Information with specializations in Archives and Records Management and Preservation of Information. Coursework related to digital preservation also preferred.

Other Possible Relevant Education or Training:
Bachelor’s degree in Information Studies, Communications, History or related field plus 1 year experience working in digital preservation.

This position requires superior communication skills as the successful candidate will be working a large number of users on a regular basis.

Experience Requirements: Rosetta digital preservation system user training is preferred. Experience working on multiple digital preservation projects is preferred.


Published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 03:01 UTC

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