Metadata Librarian

Annapolis, MD
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Salary: $60,129-$94,581
Created: September 15, 2021


    The United States Naval Academy (USNA) is a four-year undergraduate institution with a
    mission to prepare midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically for commissioning as
    officers in the naval services. The activity is defined as a “Multi-mission Military Installation,
    Complex” under Department of the Defense classification guidance. The institution 1)
    provides an accredited undergraduate education and officer accession program for the Nation,
    2) is a historic national landmark with over one million visitors per year, and 3) is a host to
    national and international events, many of which are open to the public and attended by the
    highest representatives of Government.
    This position is located in the Materials Processing Department of Collections and Resource
    Management, Nimitz Library, U.S. Naval Academy, and reports to the Head of Materials
    Processing and the Associate Library Director for Collections and Resource Management.  The
    incumbent will provide expertise specific to metadata/cataloging, maintaining library
    bibliographic databases, associated IT/systems, and stay abreast of emerging trends and issues
    impacting metadata/cataloging processes, schema, guidelines, standards.

    1. Performs descriptive and subject cataloging/metadata assignment and classification for all
    materials in a variety of formats (specifically print, audio-visual, and electronic in
    monographic and serial formats) and languages, where a significant portion of the materials
    require interpretation, judgment, and deviation from precedent in compliance with the
    national cataloging/metadata standards for the format. (50%)
    2. Performs work on authority data, downloads batches of vendor supplied authority records
    and resolves conflicts to ensure that the same form of name is used each time an item is
    cataloged. (15%)
    3. Participates in the regular maintenance of and the resolution of problems in the library
    services system and discovery platform, including the importing/exporting of and processing
    of bibliographic records from various vendors sources. (15%)
    4. Assists library leadership and other library staff in formulating short and long-term policies
    and procedures regarding metadata. Amend standard operating procedures as necessary.
    5. Provides technical training and continuing development to paraprofessional staff regarding
    cataloging/metadata procedures.  (10%)
    1. Knowledge Required by the Position


    GS1410 9/11

    a. In-depth knowledge of professional theories and techniques of librarianship with
    regard to collecting, organizing, and creating access to the Nimitz Library’s
    information resources.  Such knowledge is achieved by attaining the Master’s degree
    in Library Science from an ALA accredited institution.
    b. In-depth knowledge of general and specialized information sources in paper or
    electronic format, including the structure, content, and access protocols of relevant
    online services, library service systems, and Web-based search/discovery tools.
    c. Conceptual models for library data as it related to the Semantic Web and library
    services systems, i.e., Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Functional
    Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR).
    d. Content,structure, and data standards for library data including AACR2, Resource
    Description Access (RDA), Dublin Core, MARC, XML, and BIBFRAME.
    e. Standard library organizing schemes, particularly Library of Congress Subject
    Headings (LCSH) and Library of Congress Classification (LCC).
    f. Understanding of SQL and scripting languages as they are used in libraries,
    particularly with regard to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they
    permit communication/execution of tasks between related but distinct


Published: Wednesday, September 15, 2021 15:10 UTC

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