Library Systems Administrator

Brooklyn, NY
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Salary: $76,385 + Benefits
Created: August 31, 2021



The Pratt Institute Libraries seek an experienced, service-oriented, and collaborative team member to manage the libraries’ technology infrastructure. This position collaborates with key staff members across Library departments and engages directly in the creation of a dynamic and innovative information ecosystem that services and anticipates the needs of a diverse community of students, faculty and researchers. To this end, the Library Systems Administrator will be responsible for the development, design, installation, maintenance, security, and coordination of the libraries’ 24/7 mission-critical systems and networks. This includes library servers, computers, web-based applications, peripheral support, and administrative functions. This position is embedded in the Technical Services Department (TSD) which is primarily responsible for the acquisition, discovery, and access of library resources. 

The Pratt Institute Libraries support the research and education of approximately 4,800 undergraduate and graduate students across campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Libraries provide research support to students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars pursuing teaching and learning in areas of art, design, architecture, information studies, writing, and other fields of academic inquiry and creative work.

Key Essential Duties Include the following:

Library Systems

  • Supports existing library systems including but not limited to: integrated library system, Libraries’ website, web-based applications, discovery services, climate tracking software, proxy services, and plays a key role in advancing digital preservation efforts.
  • Performs regularly scheduled operations, such as backups, log analysis, software audits, and security checks.
  • Performs installation, maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting for all library systems, including the integrated library system and websites. 
  • Develops and maintains appropriate documentation of systems configuration, maintenance and routines.

Computer and Hardware Support

  • Provides orientation and ongoing support to Libraries’ staff in use of computer hardware and software and telephone equipment, and creates step-by-step documentation as needed.
  • Manages the Libraries’ staff and public workstations.
  • Investigates, tests, resolves issues, and performs maintenance and systems upgrades on all library servers, computers, printers, and peripherals.

Administrative and Other Responsibilities

  • Works with the Head of Technical Services and stakeholders across the Libraries to prepare libraries’ short and long range technology plans and budgets, and participates in the purchasing process.
  • Manages department-wide replacement and upgrade plan for hardware and software, maintaining appropriate inventories as needed. 
  • Researches and keeps up to date with new technologies and expectations for growth and expansion of services, identifying and communicating with vendors as necessary.
  • Keeps current with developing library technology, best practices, and emerging trends.
  • Participates in Library and Institute-wide related projects and committees and staffing Libraries’ public service points as needed. 
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Salary: $76,385 + Benefits


Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and/or network technology or equivalent experience is required. ALA accredited MLS is most desirable. Network certification preferred.

Practical Experience: 3-5 years of experience required with a strong service component, preferably in an academic library. Demonstrated experience in a networked facility. Experience managing systems projects.

Required Skills: Strong analytical skills with the capacity to learn new systems, standards, and programming languages as needed. Able to maintain Windows Server 2008 and 2012, networked clients running Windows 10, and Mac OSX. Experience with UNIX/Linux systems preferred. Broad and transferable programming and application skills including but not limited to Python, PHP, XML, and Javascript. Must have a strong service orientation, excellent communication skills, foster a collegial, collaborative work environment, and maintain positive professional working relationships. Additionally, candidates will be expected to demonstrate intercultural competence and work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community. Flexibility and working accurately and productively in a busy environment with many competing priorities is also key.

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Published: Tuesday, August 31, 2021 19:06 UTC

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