Digital Repository Coordinator

Queens, NY
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Salary: 62,000-67,000
Created: August 18, 2021



The New York Public Library’s Digital Research Division comprises programs to produce, acquire, manage, and create access to the Research Libraries’ digital collections. Within this group, the Digital Preservation program ensures the long-term accessibility of born-digital and digitized collections and leads initiatives to support born-digital collecting.

The Library seeks a system-minded, collaborative person to serve as the Library’s Digital Repository Coordinator. The successful candidate will work closely with the Research Libraries’ collection digitization and born-digital acquisition programs to move digital objects into the Library’s digital repository. The Coordinator will also work with the Library’s IT group to identify and resolve infrastructure challenges for on-site and cloud-based storage endpoints and with the Library’s Digital division to steward integrations with description and access systems.

The New York Public Library is implementing new digital repository software to manage over 5 petabytes (4+ million files) of collection material. As part of the library’s Digital Preservation division, the Digital Repository Coordinator leads the technical effort to integrate the software with all of the Library’s born-digital acquisition and digitization programs and to migrate collections from existing systems. Following implementation, the Digital Repository Coordinator will be the primary administrator for the digital repository and the lead contact for the delivery of digital collections to existing and new access mechanisms.

Key Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Manager of Digital Preservation, the Digital Repository Coordinator:

  • Configures digital repository software to manage all of the Library’s digital collections in a consistent and holistic manner.

  • Liaises with programs responsible for creating or receiving digital collections to integrate the digital repository into their workflows.

  • Develops and maintains tools to transform packages and metadata in order to align with digital repository requirements.

  • Works with the Digital division to configure digital repository software to provide files to public access points.

  • Works with the IT division to meet network, storage, and security requirements.

  • Collaboratively maintains ingest documentation describing workflows from acquisition/creation to long-term storage.

  • Identifies issues with digital repository workflows and troubleshoots with the appropriate divisions as needed.

  • Collaboratively creates and documents integrations with the Library’s descriptions and access systems, including Sierra ILS, ArchivesSpace, Aeon, Metadata Management System, and Digital Collections.

  • Administers user accounts and maintains security permissions.

  • Trains curatorial staff on accessing collections within the digital repository to support reading room needs.

  • Reviews ongoing and new functional requirements for digital collection management to add to the digital repository.

Our expectations for this person are that within…

1 month, this person will:

  • Begin learning the digital collection workflows, primarily: still image digitization, audio and moving image digitization, born-digital audio and moving image acquisition, and born-digital archives acquisition.

  • Learn the specifications for each type of digital collection material.

3 months, this person will:

  • Lead the SIP (Submission Information Package) Working Group to foster shared workflows between digital collection programs.

  • Move .5 PB of materials into the Library’s digital repository.

  • Begin evaluating current specifications for digital collection packaging in collaboration with stakeholders.

  • Be familiar with all major digital collection workflows and have all relevant tools installed to their workstation.

6 months and beyond, this person will:

  • Be the liaison for all new digitization and digital acquisition programs.

  • Create work plans for transitioning existing local workflows to the digital repository.

  • Develop use cases for direct access to the digital repository with stakeholders throughout the Library.

Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 2-5 years experience working with a variety of digital collections

Required Skills :

  • Demonstrated knowledge of digitization workflows and born-digital acquisition workflows.

  • Familiarity with LAM-oriented repository systems such as Archivematica, Rosetta, LibSafe, or Preservica.

  • Conversant with digital preservation and curation lifecycle models such as OAIS and the NDSA Levels of Preservation.

  • Familiarity with file delivery technologies and infrastructure such as BagIt, FTP, aws-cli, and fiber networking.

  • Familiarity with shell and Python scripting.

  • Familiarity with Macintosh, PC, and Linux operating systems; command-line interfaces; and relational database systems.

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • Master’s degree in library, archival, or information studies from an ALA-accredited program

  • Demonstrated knowledge of archival processing and special collections workflows.

  • Demonstrated experience with programmatic metadata updates and cross-walking.

  • Familiarity with networking and storage infrastructures.

  • Demonstrated experience with LAM-oriented repository systems such as Archivematica, Rosetta, LibSafe, or Preservica.

NYPL Core Values: 

  • Be Helpful to patrons and colleagues.

  • Be Resourceful in solving problems. 

  • Be Curious in all aspects of your work.

Physical Duties: 

  • Lifting up to 40 lbs. Required.

  • May require travel within NYC.


35 hours per week

Monday to Friday, 10-5

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