Integrated Library Systems Specialist

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Created: June 30, 2021


The mission of Mount Saint Mary's University Libraries is to inspire inquiry, foster intellectual and personal growth, and promote the effective use of information. As an academic library serving a diverse community, we are dedicated to providing access to information resources that reflect many voices and perspectives. The Integrated Library Systems Specialist administers the integrated library system that underpins the operations of the Libraries and serves as a platform for other software applications such as discovery systems, link resolvers, library knowledge bases, and interlibrary loan programs. Additionally, the Integrated Library Systems Specialist acts as support staff for other various library systems including but not limited to 3rd party library management applications, the library website, and the institutional repository.


  1. Administers and maintains the Integrated Library System/Library System Platform (ILS) for the university library.  Manages, optimizes implements, troubleshoots, and documents the library's current Integrated Library System Innovative Sierra or any other ILS Platform.  Serves as the primary liaison for all library staff to ILS system for troubleshooting and management within all modules such as (Circulation, Inn Reach, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Web Services) of ILS.  Responsible for the successful migration to any other library platform as well as the implementation of the new ILS. In consultation with the Library Administrative team, performs global data updates and system changes to the ILS. 
  2. Ensures that the ILS works with other library applications such as discovery systems, link resolvers, library knowledge bases, OCLC EZ Proxy, OCLC WorldShare, OCLC Collection Manager, Innovative Inn Reach, etc.  Works with the Electronic Resources Librarian and Web Development/Digital Initiatives Librarian to ensure optimal functionality of EZ Proxy, import/exporting of records, Link Resolvers, Discovery System, Knowledge Bases and Web Services. Helps troubleshoot eResource access issues. Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of User Experience and Digital Initiatives, works with OIT to integrate the library ILS with library vendors as well as University wide applications including but not limited to Colleague.
  3. Serves as the library's primary liaison to the University's Office of Information Technology (OIT) for library technology software applications and relevant systems. Works closely with Office of Information Technology to ensure server changes, migrations, IP address changes, single sign-on implementation, and system upgrades occur with minimal disruption to the library website, library databases, discovery service, Integrated Library Systems, library vendors and other basic library operations.  Works closely with OIT staff to regularly export student, staff, and faculty data from Colleague to the ILS.   
  4. Helps maintain the functionality, organization, integrity, and design of the library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Assists library units with project-based cataloging of records including but not limited to: AACR2, RDA, LCRI, LCPS, LC Classification, LCSH, MARC bibliographic formats and other non-MARC metadata format (Dublin Core etc.) 
  5. Keeps abreast of the quickly evolving library technology landscape and responsive solutions. In coordination with librarians, participates in the training and implementation of library and library related software programs including but not limited to the Sierra ILS - Innovative Interfaces, eReserves, ERMs, CMS (website), LibApps, Tableau, digital collections/institutional repository software, and others. 
  6. Collaborates with various Libraries' staff units to review, develop, maintain, and propose changes to MSMU's institutional repository.
  7. Performs user and staff security audits for the Libraries' various 3rd party vendor platforms including terms of administrative and regular editing access and privileges.
  8. Serves as back-up for the maintenance and development of the Libraries' website hosted on the Terminal Four platform.
  9. May assist and/or lead various digital projects as defined by the Assistant Director for User Experience and Digital Initiatives.


Published: Thursday, July 1, 2021 17:36 UTC

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