Digital Design Commons Technologist

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Created: April 5, 2021


The Digital Design Commons Technologist directs and manages the technical infrastructure of the Digital Design Studio (DDS) and Digital Design Commons (DDC), supports curricular digital projects, and facilitates work created by students for classes and faculty in their teaching in the arts.

DDS is an existing facility that has been in use since 2015 and primarily used by the Studio Art Program. DDC is a new facility in the process of development, and will serve all the arts departments – Theater, Dance, Music, as well as Studio Art.

The position combines technical administration with hands-on technical instruction in an arts context. The technologist will organize and coordinate monthly training workshops and group demonstrations on arts-related digital technology and software for the larger campus community.

The Technologist will report to the Dean of Arts and Humanities in consultation with a CFA Faculty Oversight Committee.

Principal Responsibilities:


Facilitates faculty and student use of digital applications that are central to the conduct of Arts curricula, including but not limited to: photographic editing, compositing, and output; 3-D modeling and 3-D printing; performance documentation and editing; and digital design computer programs

Provides technology, presentation and exhibition assistance, particularly for Senior Thesis students (i.e., mounted output, multimedia logistics)

Performs and oversees maintenance of DDS and DDC based equipment, including cameras, microphones, projectors, computers, inkjet printers, 3-d printers, computer milling, laser cutters, and scanners

Manages the operation of the facilities including budgeting

Trains and supervises student monitors to maintain 7/day-a-week operation

Manages digital equipment check out

Tracks industry developments and recommends the purchase of new and/or updated technologies


Coordinates day-to-day operations in the DDS and DDC with the CFA Faculty Oversight Committee

Collaborates with DDC Sherman Fairchild Professor of Practice

Works closely with Wesleyan’s Information Technology staff to coordinate image management and deployment, software licensing, and computer support

Maintains facility budget in coordination with supervisor and CFA Faculty Oversight committee


Published: Thursday, April 8, 2021 14:33 UTC

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