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Created: November 28, 2012


We require a self-motivated developer with a broad range of technical expertise and design flair to maintain and enhance the DCC's tools, resources and applications, including the DCC website.

This post is fixed term to 31 July 2013 in the first instance. Further funding is anticipated for the strategically important work of the DCC, in which case the contract is likely to be extended.

Secondment will be considered.

Job Purpose

We require a developer with technical and design expertise to manage the DCC’s tools and resources, including the DCC website.

This post is based at Appleton Tower in the central area of the University of Edinburgh and forms part of an integrated UK team, with activities undertaken in concert with staff from the DCC's other two partner sites. Engaged to pursue certain specific objectives you will also be expected to contribute towards the broader delivery of digital curation services and resources to our collaborators and stakeholders in the UK Higher and Further Education communities.

Main Responsibilities (aaprox % of time)

1.Maintenance and enhancement of existing and forthcoming DCC Web applications such as DMP Online and internal services such as Sharepoint. 20%
2.Co-ordinate with external bodies in their integration and deployment of DCC tools and applications. 15%
3.In collaboration with relevant external providers enable the deployment of DCC applications in the cloud.15%
4.Scope, plan and develop approved new DCC tools and applications required by the DCC stakeholder community.20%
5.Identify and/or respond to requirements for the technical enhancement and fault fixing of the DCC website, liaising with the technical teams in Information Services and others as required.20%
6.Support the DCC’s outreach programme by contributing to seminars, workshops and training events.10%

Planning & Organising
  • Planning and self-managing a schedule of activities with imposed deadlines and customer-led specifications.
  • In liaison with DCC management and staff, and working closely with site support, develop options for the continuous improvement of the DCC website as a medium of resource delivery and interaction with DCC stakeholders.
  • Produce timely and achievable development plans for DCC tools provision; provide reports on progress to DCC management.

Problem Solving
  • Produce and/or secure effective solutions to technical requirements for technology-based services and in the website development programme.
  • Explore, evaluate and select technical solutions that incorporate standards and technologies based on sound curation principles. Prepare documentation that describes and explains technical decisions in a manner that is accessible to non-technical colleagues.
  • Contribute to the DCC’s research into resources that can be sustained as an authoritative, multidisciplinary and sufficiently complete body of knowledge to effectively support best practice in curation.

Decision Making
  • Decisions concerning which tools and methods to recommend and use as most effective and economical in the implementation of online services.
  • Decisions concerning optimum methods for the presentation and delivery of the DCC collection of online resources.
  • Ensure that other DCC constituents are made appropriately (selectively) aware of activities identified and solutions being implemented.

Key Contacts/Relationships
  • Essential to develop knowledge of those undertaking or promoting best practice in data management solutions within the HE community and to cement working relationships.
  • Essential to work in close collaboration with the DCC staff responsible for the quality assurance of the DCC’s online content and promotion of DCC services and resources.
  • Essential to develop harmonious working relationships with the Edinburgh University IS system server team and with any third party provider contracted by the DCC.
  • Members of the broader HE community, including service providers, policy makers and national agencies, to enable the identification and promotion of opportunities for the DCC.
  • Work closely with the JISC programme managers to identify and respond to requirements in support of JISC-funded projects.
  • Support the Director and Associate Director (Edinburgh) as well as DCC colleagues across the partner sites.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Possess a good first degree (or equivalent). A further degree in a relevant discipline would be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of the digital curation and preservation community and its stakeholders.
  • Demonstrable familiarity with the principles of web design.
  • Broad experience in the use of software development tools.

  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Willingness and ability to work as part of a distributed team.
  • Gift for attention to detail.

  • Developed portfolio of experience in the application of ICT to digital curation and/or preservation.
  • Experience of undertaking web design (a working knowledge of the Drupal software package is desirable ).
  • Familiarity with the use of systems development tools (inclusion of Symfony, PHP and Ruby on Rails would be preferred).
  • Developed organisational skills.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

  • The DCC is a distributed JISC-funded service with its core in Edinburgh and partners based at the Universities of Bath and Glasgow. It comprises around 18 contributing staff members.
  • Advisory and support services are provided to scientists, scholars, researchers and policy makers across the UK.
  • The post-holder is responsible for undertaking service development activities that will help sustain the DCC’s remit for enabling the growth of capacity and capability in digital curation.
  • The post-holder is responsible for providing advice and solutions relating to a wide range of technical issues, tailoring any advice to the individual needs and knowledge of the enquirer.

Job Context & Other Relevant Information

The DCC operates within a fast-moving context and is dependent on a scarce suite of skills and experience. As a numerically smaller enterprise than in previous years, greater emphasis is being placed upon the individual post-holder’s expertise, confidence and willingness to support the interdependencies of the team.
The Internet, digitisation initiatives and e-science present complex problems for curation and the long-term preservation of digital assets. To be successful, the post-holder must be flexible and open to change. He/she will also be expected to identify opportunities from the evolving Web 2.0 environment for improving the delivery of services and resources.

The DCC team is working to support and develop the acquisition of skills and knowledge to meet a growing demand for practical expertise in digital curation throughout the HE community. As an emerging discipline, digital curation is subject to constant developments in standards, software, formats, methodologies and initiatives, which require close monitoring. Each project encountered presents new problems, necessitating a high degree of flexibility and rapid acquisition of the latest knowledge and skills.

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