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Created: March 31, 2011


Below is an abbreviated digital librarian job description -- a grant-funded temporary position here at Notre Dame:

The overall goal of the Vector Control Development Network (VCDN) is to develop an analytical framework for the evaluation of the transmission of vector borne diseases to support efforts by the research and modeling communities, national vector borne disease control programs, developers of products for disease control and the donors/funders of research and control activities to control/eliminate these diseases. The first phase of the project will focus on malaria and the vector behaviors that determine the intensity of transmission and the susceptibility of vectors to interventions (both present and anticipated). Candidates should possess at least a Master's degree in bioinformatics or its equivalent (those finishing the last semester toward completion of an MS in bioinformatics are also encouraged to apply). They must possess advanced skills in searching bibliographic literature databases and be conversant with data curation and copyright issues and implications. They must know at least one programming language, be familiar with RESTful Web computing techniques and know how to implement them. They must be able to read and write XML files, design and implement a relational database, know how to index data and provide Web access to the index, and be familiar with metadata standards such as Dublin Core or Darwin Core. They must also understand how to provide and exploit access to data through an HTTP server.

For more information, email Parker Ladwig

-- Eric Lease Morgan University of Notre Dame

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Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011 15:55 UTC

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