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Part-time Web Developer to work on 2021 Innovator in Residence project at the Library of Congress

Created: October 21, 2020



I am Courtney McClellan, I am artist and writer, and I was recently selected as the 2021 Innovator in Residence with the LC Labs team at the Library of Congress. I am looking for a paid web developer to help produce an interactive website as one of the components of my project titled Speculative Annotation.

Speculative Annotation will invite students to creatively annotate individual items from the Library of Congress’s vast collection in order to imagine the future they want to see. The goal is to create a tool that inspires a form of annotation that merges interaction with historical materials and artistry.  

I will serve as the artistic director, and I am hiring a developer to serve as the technical expert in order to produce the site. This is a year-long project with the following timeline: create a prototype in Winter 2021, conduct user testing with the support of a UX designer and update the prototype in Spring 2021, and launch the project in Summer 2021.The interactive tools on the site might include underlining, stamps, footnotes, thought bubbles, etc. The resulting application will be hosted in a cloud environment and all associated code will be open source and made available in Github.

I hope to work with someone who is creative and efficient. The developer would be working closely with me in order to design and create the site. I enjoy working with and learning alongside engaged people with unique skill sets different from my own. In addition to the required skills to carry out the technical production, I am looking for someone who is collaborative, open-minded. They must be interested in interdisciplinary work. The web developer position would be a part-time subcontractor who is paid by the hour. Additionally, a UX advisor and a graphic design intern will be part of the team.

Please reach out if you are interested and/or have questions. I am happy to share more about pay/budget, time commitment, and the project itself.

Please share a CV and a brief note about your interest in the position. 

Position open until filled, looking to fill position as soon as possible. 

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Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 22:47 UTC

Last updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 22:47 UTC