Systems Engineer

St Louis, MO
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Salary: $60,801 - $79,092
Created: October 5, 2020



Reporting to the Head of Library Technology Services at Washington University Libraries, the Library DevOps Engineer will be responsible for creating a customer-first approach to building and maintaining library services and applications supporting the University’s mission.  Platforms to be supported range from repository applications to resource discovery layers to related library systems, as well as emerging technologies in libraries such as data visualization platforms and instructional technologies.  As a member of the Library Technology Services team, the successful candidate will play a key role in the information architecture, development, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of new and existing library applications.


  • Lead the design, implementation and maintenance of library systems in collaboration with Libraries’ staff and campus stakeholders
  • Gather requirements and develop specifications for library and research systems architectures, including Samvera, Fedora, Omeka, Primo, Wordpress, VMWare Vsphere, SAN disk array storage, and cloud storage.
  • Collaborate with campus-wide technology services to ensure proper implementation and management of hardware infrastructures, security policies and authentication/authorization procedures
  • Participate in iterative testing and integration of user feedback throughout the development and implementation process
  • Write and maintain documentation for systems architecture and application code for internal developers and the wider library development community
  • Maintain awareness of national and international best practices and advances in library applications, frameworks, and implementations by actively engaging in library and research development communities (Hydra, Code4Lib, GIS, etc.) Perform other duties as assigned.




Published: Thursday, October 8, 2020 00:03 UTC

Last updated: Thursday, October 8, 2020 00:03 UTC