Contract Remote / Telecommute

Technical Product Manager

Created: September 1, 2020


NGLP is commissioning the build of several technical components to assist in web delivery and discoverability, content collection management, and administrative functions for managing and reporting on publication activities across multiple platforms. NGLP will also be commissioning projects to increase interoperability between leading open source platforms.  

To assist NGLP in these projects, we seek a Technical Product Manager who will gather and document requirements from key stakeholders and oversee the work of the selected software development partner, operating as product owner throughout the development process to launch minimum viable products.. 

This contractor position requires a minimum of 50% time commitment for six months (2020-2021), starting as soon as possible, with the option to renew. The position is remote and our budget for this work is $55,000. 

Stratos will oversee work of the Technical Product Manager, with Kristen Ratan serving as the main point of direction for this position.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Facilitating requirements gathering from key stakeholders for each product component

  • Documenting requirements and use cases, as well as writing user stories

  • Assisting in selection of software development partners

  • Participating as product owner in agile development including product design, iterative development, user testing, software testing, and launch activities

  • Reporting to NGLP leadership and partners on progress

  • Engaging stakeholder communities for input at key milestones

  • In collaboration with the NGLP team, creating and scoping the product roadmap

  • Working with the product development team to ensure that development processes align with the product roadmap

The candidate should have the following experience and skills:

  • Product management experience, particularly on more technical side

  • Experience with agile software development processes

  • Experience with RFPs and vendor selection

  • Some knowledge of the scholarly communications technology landscape

  • Some experience with open source software development

  • Some experience managing projects with minimal supervision

  • Solid writing and oral communication skills 


Published: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 20:41 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 20:41 UTC