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Created: October 2, 2010


Working at the University Park campus of Penn State has its perks: generous benefits, great schools, affordable real estate, proximity to many trails and rivers, and safe neighborhoods lined with trees and views of the Alleghenies.

The Libraries and central IT organization are hard at work on building an institutional digital stewardship program and this is an opportunity to join a talented team of technologists, librarians, and curators, writing code to help provide access and discovery services and keep data around for the long haul.

But really, the primary perk is getting to work with me because, let's face it, I'm a pretty OK guy. Apply early, apply often*!


* Just once will do.


Software Developer (Programmer/Analyst) Job number: 33102 Date Announced: 10/01/2010

Digital Library Technologies, a unit of Information Technology Services at The Pennsylvania State University, has a vacancy for a Software Developer. The Software Developer will develop and integrate software and web applications for an institutional content stewardship program. This requires the ability to work collaboratively with content curators as well as fellow technologists. The Software Developer will be expected to: share advancements in standards, software development practices, and IT trends; constantly refine his or her skill set; and apply new knowledge and techniques. This is an opportunity to work with an innovative unit on building a sustainable, enterprise-level content stewardship program at a large, multi-campus institution recognized for its commitment to excellence. This job will be filled as a level 3 or level 4, depending upon the successful candidate’s education and experience. Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or related field plus four years of experience developing and deploying software in a team environment or an equivalent combination of education and experience for a level 3. Additional experience and/or education and competencies are required for higher level jobs.

The successful candidate will demonstrate: proficiency with multiple programming languages and more than one programming language paradigm; enthusiasm for staying informed about cutting-edge technologies for use with software development initiatives, and for engaging the broader digital library software development community; ability to work independently and as a member of a team with diverse constituencies; commitment to providing outstanding customer service; excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills. Desired: working knowledge of command-line environments and Web architecture, Web services based on the REST architectural style, and the Linked Data pattern; experience with Web-based client- and server-side programming; knowledge of digital repository and content management services and toolkits; familiarity with digital library standards such as OAI-ORE and SWORD; understanding of semantic technologies such as descriptive metadata and RDF ontologies; experience with shared or distributed version control systems and practices; experience solving deployment issues regarding scale, stability, and performance; experience releasing open source software.

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Michael J. Giarlo

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