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Library Services Engineer - EBSCO FOLIO

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Created: February 17, 2020


Hey, y’all - We're hiring!

EBSCO is looking for someone experienced in working with FOLIO and interested in a new position.  This role will support EBSCO FOLIO services efforts, particularly with tools to help our Implementation Consultants lead successful migrations, integrations with external systems on a customer-by-customer basis, as well as occasionally building tools for EBSCO SaaS products.

In short, we're not working on FOLIO Core projects (yet, maybe in the future) nor on hosting/infrastructure issues.  More so we're involved with tooling and integrations.


This is a 100% work from home position, with the occasional trip to meet with co-workers to kick off major projects.  Our team is extremely tight-knit, collaborative, and have a strong focus on customer success.

Please DM me if you have additional questions!  Our recruitment window is short - we'd like to close it up at the beginning of next week.

Last updated: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 18:47 UTC