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New York City
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Created: October 26, 2012


Posted by: UNICEF Internet, Broadcast and Image Section, Division of Communication, UNICEF

New York, NY, US

UNICEF NYHQ is looking for a Video Archivist to manage and catalogue the extensive video library for the organization, as well as all multimedia content in all possible formats. The candidate is also responsible for all supporting documentation attached to each video and will work with producers to facilitate and expedite their retrieval of video materials for their video pieces.


    • Fulfil research request as they arrive.
    • Maintain our hosted self-service distribution system.
      • Group files by production and topic.
      • Metadata entry including keywords.
    • Maintain our extensive film and tape collection.
      • Continue the implementation of cataloguing, shelving, and tracking of our assets.
      • Review current information in the database and add to it as necessary while advising on improvements to database system and archiving process
      • Digital capture from tape in various formats.
      • Compression of video files.
    • Familiarity with Final Cut Pro in a shared storage configuration.
    • Work on UNICEF premises
    • May be asked to work weekends
    • May be asked to travel

Qualifications or specialized knowledge/ experience required:

  • Experience organising and maintaining libraries and archives
  • Experience logging and retrieving information from tapes
  • Basic knowledge of library science and cataloguing standards
  • Excellent organisational skills


Published: Friday, October 26, 2012 16:47 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:46 UTC