DevOps Engineer

Philadelphia, PA
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Created: November 18, 2019


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DevOps Engineer

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Application Developer C

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The DevOps engineer has responsibility for the planning, development, and support of a layer of infrastructure that allows the library to package, deploy, monitor, and maintain applications that are developed from scratch at the library or that are our local customizations of open-source software like Samvera and Blacklight. This work requires close collaboration with both developers and sysadmins, because the DevOps Engineer will create systems and processes to deliver software prepared by developers to hardware managed by sysadmins, entailing responsibility for a distinct, emerging layer of technical infrastructure.

Job Description


  • Collaborate with developers and core services team to organize and promote high-quality releases of library applications to production.
  • Research, plan, introduce, and maintain processes for continuous integration, automated builds, more frequent deployments, application monitoring, and other practices that will improve quality and efficiency.
  • Plan and implement robust production environments and contribute to high uptime/availability of library applications.
  • Participate in best practices such as integration testing, tracking QA process and Jiras, and coordinating UA testing.
  • Create Docker images and deploy them according to best practices.
  • Develop an understanding of library applications that allows the incumbent to containerize them or assist developers in containerizing and then manage the containers.


Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 1-2 years of experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, are required. Demonstrated experience developing, managing, and deploying Docker images is essential. Experience with Linux systems and a programming language like Python or Ruby is required. Experience with Git, Ansible, and open source CI tools is preferred. Experience in a library or higher education environment preferred.


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