Digital and Web Services Librarian

Created: October 18, 2012


The Digital and Web Services Librarian is an innovative and service-oriented librarian who provides leadership, direction, and expertise in the design and development of an evolving library web presence to enhance the learning and skills development within the SIAST community.  This position will serve as a developer and administrator for the Library website, web applications, social media, and mobile interfaces, and will coordinate and oversee ongoing development of the Library’s web services.  To further the library’s mission and increase and enhance access to library resources and services he/she will share in providing leadership and responsibilities in the identification, assessment, and implementation of emerging technologies.

The Digital and Web Services librarian will have responsibility for the integrity, organization, and currency of the SIAST library web presence.  The librarian will also provide training and guidance to website content editors across the library and create user-orientated documentation and reference guides to enable them to easily perform web-related functions; this includes ensuring that best practices for web content writing are followed.  The librarian will:  conduct training seminars and user group information sessions addressing website maintenance and policies, use of new technologies, etc.; provide support for library areas in organizing and presenting information.  This librarian also coordinates digitization projects library-wide, works with other librarians in setting standards for the creation of content and metadata, and represents the library to other groups around SIAST.   This position will conduct usability testing and focus groups to assess the effectiveness of these services, will also serve as liaison to program areas and is expected to work collegially with the library and SIAST community.

1. Provide vision and leadership in organizing and maintaining the SIAST library web site and integrating it with the larger library web presence which includes program guides, search and discovery tools, digital collections, and electronic resources.
2. Ensure that library web services and applications are tailored for targeted user groups,
3. Create and maintain a detailed map of areas of responsibility for the website in conjunction with library staff; establish guidelines for regular maintenance schedules.
4. Evaluate web-related trouble calls to proactively address issues that can be resolved through means such as user training, modifications to website management procedures, etc.
5. Evaluate site analytics and provide reports to the librarians; analyze reports with librarians to make sure important pages are receiving enough traffic; suggest changes to improve visibility of targeted pages or restructuring for better clarity.
6. Evaluate and recommend new web services technologies to improve the user experience in discovering, searching, finding, or acquiring library materials and content.
7. Collaborate with library staff to create, implement and maintain web-based library services, including online tutorials, Campus Guides, mobile applications, etc.
8. Customize and brand interfaces of externally hosted library resources and services.
9. Support faculty in incorporating library resources into their instruction,
10. Customize and maintain the web interface of the library’s online catalogue.
11. Organize and support mobile versions of the library web site and catalogue
12. Provide advice, training, and support for library staff involved in web content creation.
13. Create and maintain documentation as needed.
14. Serves as a liaison to ITS on electronic services and web development issues
15. Serves as a liaison with Marketing and Communications on web site issues.
16. Design and conduct user interface usability studies.
17. Contributes to an active reference and instruction program, acting as liaison to designated academic programs, providing instruction sessions for users and some collection development.

1. Masters of Library Science degree from an ALA accredited school.
2. Minimum 1 years experience in website leadership or development;
3. Demonstrated ability to write concisely and effectively for the Web;
4. Familiarity with current and emerging library technologies including resolvers, OPACs, federated search and discovery tools;
5. In depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, XML and the Adobe Suite.
6. Possess strong Instructional skills;
7. Familiarity with electronic journal management systems (e.g. Serials Solutions products );
8. A strong commitment to service for students, staff, and faculty users;
9. Demonstrated project management and organizational skills;
10. Creativity and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
11. Demonstrates valuing diversity.

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