Systems Analyst

College Park
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Salary: $64,600 - $80,800
Created: October 23, 2019


Position Type: Exempt, Contract

Closing date: October 28, 2019


The Systems Analyst is primarily responsible for configuring, deploying, and monitoring University of Maryland Libraries' server based applications across a wide range of services, including web site delivery, content management, digital collections, digital preservation, and enterprise infrastructure. These include locally developed and third-party applications, in support of the UMD Libraries and the broader University of Maryland research and learning communities.

The Systems Analyst will work closely with both developers and systems administrators to ensure Libraries' applications are highly-performing, highly-available, and fault-tolerant. During the first year the successful candidate will both learn our traditional RedHat Linux based server environment and help lead our transition to a Docker deployment environment. This includes transitioning increasingly more complex and important services to Docker and selecting the orchestration tools and strategies.

The Systems Analyst will utilize automation and monitoring tools to ensure highly-available systems. The candidate will also participate in the Libraries' change advisory board by discussing and documenting system and applications changes as well as their deployment procedures. On rare occasions the job requires emergency response for critical systems outside standard work hours.


  • 40% - Application Monitoring and Tuning - setup automated monitoring and notification of application availability, stability, and performance; analyze and tune resource allocations and application configurations to ensure secure, highly-performing, highly-available, and fault-tolerant systems
  • 25% - Application Deployment - install, configure, upgrade, and promote applications through their deployment environments
  • 10% - Documentation - Provide strong written documentation throughout the systems deployment and maintenance lifecycle, utilizing tools such as Jira for issue and work tracking, Git for version control, and Confluence wiki for knowledge sharing
  • 10% - Disaster Recovery - Develop, implement, and verify processes for continuity of operations in case of catastrophic loss of service and systems
  • 10% - Technology Research – research new tools and technologies, including applications, standards, languages, and frameworks; provide leadership in timing and extent of new technology adoption
  • 5% - Other duties as assigned



Submitted by: wallberg-umd

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 18:49 UTC

Last updated: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 18:49 UTC